Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Time for Pragmatism – Rand Paul offers Measured Reason - 2016 offers Reasonable Choice in Leadership

Last night, while looking for something entertaining to watch for an hour or so before bed, I found a program on CSPAN – the the Conservative Policy Summit (Video Here) with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as the speaker. It was a dry topic to be certain, but worth the watch, and one was certainly drawn in by the Senator and his patter on the topics at hand. What one notices is that he is neither blue or red or hot or cold but right down the middle, challenging those on both sides of an issue to think about solutions.

Therefore, it is not without some hope that as the 2016 General Election primary season opens and those preparing to run the gauntlet of the primary emerge, that Paul will certainly enter the fray and bring his voice to the nation. It is past time that we, as a public, were offered an individual so dedicated to liberty, yet reasonable enough to see two sides to any give issue. It is not a flip-flop as some may note, but more of an intellectual approach to a problem, which sounds not usual, and makes it very appealing.

Paul, to this mind, is not pandering to the right, the left, and one lobby over another; rather, it is his own voice looking for those who may be of like mind, or partial like mind to join a national conversation. Plus, the man is smart; the nation needs smart people to lead them and those that would call out individuals in the opposition party as well as their own party. That gives the man extra points.

A few articles of interest this morning (or yesterday perhaps):

Time Magazine’sRand Paul Makes a Pragmatic Case Against Rivals”

Washington Post’s ”Rand Paul Announces Campaign Manager as he ramps up 2016 campaign” (worth noting his choice)

Lastly, Politico’s ”Rand Paul looks to Steal the 2016 Spotlight”

When a nation has the choice of a too familiar face (or faces in this instance both to the right and to the left), what would be more appealing and reasonable to those who are in the middle – or independent/unenrolled voters who would rather not see another partisan dynasty hack take the reins of the Office – the option of a Statesman of Paul’s stature is certainly appealing.

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