Monday, November 10, 2014

2016 GOP Update – Ricky Perry in NH, Rand Paul – Mitch McConnell Will Support, Ben Carson to Air Introductory Video

Outgoing Texas Governor, Rick Perrywas in New Hampshire over the weekend, the kickoff of his 2016 “campaign” (not yet announced) – the Real Clear Politics article quotes a NH College republican suggesting they required extra seats, as the interest is intense. Perry is the longest serving Texas governor, and he did not seek re-election this year in favor of a 2016 bid. (US Today)

Meanwhile in Kentucky Mitch McConnell, poised to be the most power man in the Senate, has pledged his support for a Rand Paul 2016 Presidential bid, (or to quote the article) anything Rand Paul has in mind. (Bloomberg)

Lastly, Dr. Ben Carsonwill be airing an hour long (almost) video introducing himself to the American People (Washington Post). The famous pediatric neurosurgeon will tell his story to people is 22 states and the D.C. Dr. Carson has suggested he might run, but has not yet officially announced a campaign for 2016. (ABC News)

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