Monday, June 09, 2014

ABC Previews Campaign 2016 – the GOP – and the one Democrat – Hillary Clinton

ABC News had current 2016 previews of candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination – from Governor Rick Perry the checklist includes his pro’s and con’s – the con – in brief, he was accused of withholding funding for a state rep (who happened to be a Democrat, who was prosecuted for drunk driving. That’s the con, seriously.

The Ron Paul 2016 “checklist”, does much the same, with Paul’s biggest con – not being high father –and oh – maybe plagiarism . Seriously.

The main page of ABC News – offers Hillary Clinton as the absolute candidate - the timetable for Hillary is 8 years in the making and is a tad on the hopeful side, considering no mention of Elizabeth Warren.

In the pro’s and con’s of having someone fresh, interesting and of course, with a fairly clean slate (see con’s under GOP), then either Perry or Paul would suffice. What is interesting is the few that offer Clinton may not run at all, and the rise of “buzz” regarding Elizabeth Warren.

The only way that the GOP can lose both the Senate and the White House in the next two elections would be to follow the status quo and the “good old boy” network that has haunted the last two Presidential campaigns. It’s going to get interesting, once someone or two actually announce, and that will be in late 2014 early 2015.

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