Monday, March 17, 2014

Scott Brown Forms Exploratory Committee – NH Senate, Rand Paul tops Polls

From the Boston Globe: Scott Brown, former Republican Senator from Massachusetts, had move to New Hampshire, and now exploring a run at a Senate seat in the Granite State. Brown, who was one of the more bi-partisan – non “hack” Senators in the august body, would serve the independent streak of the New Hampshire voter quite well. Brown his MA Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, College Professor and avowed Progressive in typical Blue State Massachusetts. It was, in this opinion, a loss for Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul, the Kentucky Libertarian-Republican Senator, recently won the CPAC straw poll, which he had won the prior year, yet another straw poll The Northeast Republican Leadership Straw Poll, also finds Paul in the lead(Fox News). Straw polls, or political activist polls, are not always a bellwether of a candidates future, however, an early CNN/ORC International poll, shows Paul in the lead. (CNN). That poll combines familiar names that will, in all likelihood, never announce a candidacy – Paul, who combines Libertarian and Tea Party values, would most likely pick up the share of polling (given like minds) of those who are never going to enter the arena. Time will tell, however, Paul is, in this opinion, the most worthy candidate the GOP could hope to have. If there were a third party, Paul would certainly lead, and it would be hoped that the change to a more constitutionally based GOP or third party, would bring common sense to the U.S.

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