Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who is Elizabeth Warren and why She will be the Democrat Frontrunner for 2016

Although it is understood that Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner now, given polling data and the obvious choice of the “next in line” of both political parties, one individual can best her – Elizabeth Warren. It began slowly with a great deal of hype about Hillary being unbeatable. She was pitted against Chris Christie the Republican Governor of New Jersey, with little to no push with the GOP and Independent Base, Hillary being the only “name” choice besides Biden, won handily. Warren, on the other hand was getting some press, and speculation early on, however that has ramped up as the news outlets are starting to push Warren over Clinton.

The Democrats will run an ism – in this case on feminism, so, it is almost certain that the nominee will be a female – they’ve got fewer bombs to throw with a generic male. The shot at Hillary came from several sources suggesting she may be too old to run for President (i.e. the John McCain syndrome), but the one that catches the eye is from NBC The Perils of being the presidential frontrunner. and the risks inherent this early in the game – while noting she is the frontrunner it also covers Elizabeth Warren, who is suggested as an option. The reason this is of import is that main news networks are now laying the groundwork for an anti-Hillary. The political blogs had previously, as noted, suggested age would be an issue See Politico – opinion on Hillary Clinton being too old to be President: this one suggests Generation X may choose a younger Republican. (Politico).

Elizabeth Warren is the first term Senator from the State of Massachusetts. (warren.senate.gov) and her short list of legislation since she was elected here at the library of Congress She is a former Harvard Professor, and had worked diligently for consumer rights in D.C. The Hill Blog’s Bernie Quigly, writes an almost unintelligible article on Warren suggesting an historical “Zen” moment. While MSNBC has literally had a meltdown as far as the suggestion Clinton would run, while there’s a perfectly good Elizabeth Warren in the wings Washington Post.

The obvious comes to mind when one is considering Senator Warren, specifically the similarities to the President – little to no experience in the legislature and a background in academics rather than in the private sector. That said, she is unabashedly, at this point in the game, a progressive – with no excuses – taking credit for the 99%, and owning the “movement”. If she stays true to herself and her ideology that would be commendable, but doubtful if one is in the Presidential race to win. She is, for good or ill, the darling of the left, and the progressive left is now firmly in charge of what once was a working man’s political party. They are not above making promises to pass legislation, whereby they are not necessarily forthcoming about the outcomes and the effect on the working class (See Obamacare).

It truly is too early to speculate, but with so few choices from the Democrat Party – one has to speculate that they will need a “hook”, which would be the female vote, and that they need a squeaky clean – brand new candidate to replace anyone with a hit of scandal outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - . That would be Elizabeth Warren.

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