Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Affronted - Obama Care (Affordable Health Care Act) – Buffers Big Business (Insurance Companies) against Loss – is Anyone Surprised? - The 1 Trillion Dollar Budget.

According to Bob Laszewsk, writing his Health Care Policy and Market Place Review blog – the Obama administration’s bill subsidizes insurers against adverse losses they might incur up to 2015 – this allows the carriers to limit any increases in the cost of policies, before everything skyrockets in 2016.

The Washington Post article (here) written by Ezra Klein, describes Mr. Laszewsk as “president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, a policy and marketplace consulting firm that has him working closely with many in the health industry as they try to navigate the Affordable Care Act” - He goes on, in an interview, to suggest fixes for Obama care’s computer woes, and does so with an eye toward inevitability, as well as for his clients, the insurance companies.

Although Laszewsk’s blog is technical in style written for those who are more familiar with insurance profits/losses and terminology- it is easy to get the gist – Obama care is a taxpayer funded project – right down to buffering the insurance companies.

Time and again, one sees the Federal government vested in Corporate America, which is a tad disconcerting to those who are concerned, regardless of party, when business (See K Street), benefits from Federal tax dollars. It runs against the grain of those who believe in free enterprise, without strings, fail or flourishing on one’s own steam.

With the new budget in place topping 1 trillion dollars – the Establishment GOP is thrilled to have preserved Incandescent light bulbs, and been granted a few concessions, here and there (Washington Times) – which screams both parties are either in collusion or being bi-partisan – and can do well without any interference from smaller parties influence. Those that may prefer to curtail spending, and reduce the debt per person in the nation (taxpayer), while prohibiting corporate collusion with government programs, should be gnashing their teeth at this latest budget.

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