Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rick Perry – Taking the Message of Prosperity to Blue Maryland Businesses

From the Baltimore Sun: Texas Governor, Rick Perry, is in Maryland attempting to woo businesses to Texas, in yet another Blue state. It appears that so far, no matter which tax burdened blue state the Texas Governor has set his sights, he has generally brought home new businesses and new jobs to Texas.

The message of less regulation, lower tax burdens and a willing and able work force are among the pitches the Govenor can rightly claim – which also makes Texas a jobs search destination.

The mission usually involves a bit of back and forth between the fiscally conservative Rick Perry and the given tax friendly Democrat governor of Pick-a-State. It never ceases to amuse - the premise being that the company might say in say, Connecticut, without the wherewithal to increase profits, and hire additional staff, or move to Texas – and succeed – there’s “state loyalty” and then there is common sense that can only be found in the private sector –Businesses generally are run on the common sense, bottom line approach in order to be successful.

It’s anyone’s guess as to how long those Blue States that are being targeted by Perry and who knows which Conservative Govenor will be the next to jump on the bandwagon, will ever see the error of their tax till one drops ways. Best bet – when the states occupants vote them out of office.

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