Monday, August 19, 2013

Ted Cruz – Doing the “Right “thing – Frustrates the Right and the Left of the Spectrum

Ted Cruz, the firebrand Senator from Texas, has seen an uptick in reporting and opinion pieces lately, specifically his potential as a 2016 contender for the GOP nomination. Fellow Republican’s in the Senate are not necessarily in agreement with his tactics to defund Obama care – although he is constitutionally correct, he is also a torn in the side to those Republican’s who are so concerned with the media’s image of the “Party”, that they must run for cover rather than come up with a plan that would run counter to the present administration – regardless of the consequences. (Time) One must remind John McCain hat he was a media darling, before he was running against a Democrat for President. It’s just never going to happen.

Those on the left, are clearly rattled, as Cruz spends more time in Iowa, the left ramps up the innuendo’s that may be needed come an expansion in Cruz’s popularity. The Daily Beast, in delving into the Senator’s past at Princeton, has, on rumor, decided that a bathrobe worn in a co-ed dorm, might be “creepy” – of course, it matters not if this took place in 1988, it goes to the man’s fashion sense (that’s not what the Beast is in anyway implying.. The Dallas Morning News, doing its part for Print Media, is harping on the fact that Cruz was born in Canada – and is – shockingly also eligible to be a Canadian Citizen quoting lawyers from - Canada.

The right and the left, from Ann Coulter is not sure if Cruz is eligible, , she may have spent some time with the other birth certificate challenger (Mediate)– Donald Trump has raised some doubt as to his eligibility - (Fox News Latino) Unfortunately for both left and right of the spectrum – who have a variety of reasons to want to derail Cruz, should he have any plans at all to run, is his birth – by an American Citizen, in a foreign country, which automatically gives him American Citizenship.

The fact that Cruz has a Canadian Citizenship also poses no threat, as it is easily dispatched – (and that is from the Dallas Morning News article – final paragraph.

Ted Cruz, for riling the Democrat Base of Crazies, along with the Republican Party Standard-bearers Crazies, just got a lot more appealing.

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