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Sarah Palin – What If She Decided To Join/Work with a Third Party? – The Writing Has Been On the Wall Since 2010.

Sarah Palin pictured with Ted Cruz (R-TX), both Constitutionalists - image pat dollard dot com

There’s been a lot of speculation the past few days over former Governor of Alaska, and 2008 GOP VP Candidate, Sarah Palin’s remarks regarding leaving the GOP for greener pastures. The remark about starting a “Freedom Party” came as a Q&A, and, as a good many situations arise out of Washington, or either major political party, that irk Palin, it appears that the focus is on her stance on the Republican’s who voted for the Senate Immigration package bill. (Seattle Post)

The political analysts over at the Christian Science Monitor ask the rhetorical question: “Why is Sarah Palin saying she might leave the GOP?”, and go on to answer that with a “not likely”.

Why would the Christina Science Monitor or any news outlet believe that Palin was not serious? Although no one, especially anyone in media, new or old, knows what’s on Governor Palin’s mind, if one were to take a look at footage of her speaking at rallies prior to the 2010 elections; one might have a different point of view as to whether or not she may be considering ditching a major party.

Upon introducing herself to the U.S. Political stage (outside of the State of Alaska and the Governors Associations), Palin has been a virtual unknown entity in the lower 48. How many people even know the name of the Governor of an adjoining state, let alone the name of their own State’s Govenor (given the absolutely pitiful rise of the low information voter.) Therefore, Palin, an unknown, with zero interest from the media (other than to make her look as incompetent as possible), remains that way today.

With the exception of those who have been lucky enough to hear that woman speak about what our nation should look like in a political sense – straight from the Constitution – without the powerful two-party machines, rather, with citizens who actually have more interest in their nation, than in getting more from the trough. Those that may have been at one of the events, from one end of the coast to the other, would have heard a sane and sensible message, one that was inspiring, and more bi-partisan, or anti-party, than anticipated. A message of hope for the future, of building a better society, and overall, one that was welcoming to anyone, any race, creed, color, or political affiliation.

Therein lays the danger in Sarah Palin – were she to take the GOP infiltrated Tea Party, and motivate those millions of activists hoping against hope for a return to Congressional and Senatorial sanity, to form, precinct by precinct, state by state, a solid alternative to not only the GOP but the DNC, it would have a general appeal that one might suggest would pull from both parties, and especially from those who consider themselves unenrolled, unaffiliated or independent.

Perhaps she was, at the time of the query, just voicing her frustration over the ridiculous situation in Washington. The immigration bill is only a tiny part of what is wrong –there’s the waste, and the downright stupid decision that are made on a daily basis, that not only cost the taxpayers’ money, but are generally embarrassing for those whose State or Congressional district sent said Legislator to D.C. in the first place. (Of course, they would have to know what that individual did that was so lame, but, unless it’s a Republican stuck on stupid, the media wont’ report it, there, if one is questioning why we have low information voters? – They are turned off – so the tune off the news – in droves- and are so disgusted, they don’t even vote, or are peacefully and blissfully unaware of what’s going on in DC or their State Capitol, that is making life so unbearable.)

Palin may be as frustrated as the rest of the nation who is even semi-aware of the nonsense created by both major parties. Or, she may be serious. If she is serious, she would be much maligned (which by now, the woman should be used to the vitriol), and she would be a patriot under any guise, as she would be attempting to taka the countries governance on the Federal level back to its founders intent.

Should Palin decide to take it one the road and organize, one might find that she’d soon have company, and that she may draw equally from both parties – thus castrating the two major parties, and leaving them each with one-third of the nation – imagine, not over night, but in a decade or less, the ability to send a third party candidate to the White House, not one beholden to one party or the other, but one that would be representative of the People. Whether or not Palin actually decides to put herself and her family through a national campaign of such a scope is another thing – however what a great thing it would be.

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