Friday, May 31, 2013

Martha Coakley, MA AG, brings Federal Suit to Halt Catch Limits Decimating Mass. Fishing Industry

There are eleven nations that fish off the U.S.coastal waters, where US fishermen once could do the same - before Fish Catch - image of US Coast Guard Intercepting Foreign Fishing Vessel - article from Marine Science Today

Massachusetts State Attorney General, Martha Coakley, hasfiled a lawsuit against the Federal agency, NOAA, to stop the catch limits affecting the fishing industry in Massachusetts.

Catch Limits on fishing imposed in 2009, under the Obama Administration, have led to higher costs for consumers as the concept of supply and demand has driven prices of fresh fish up over the ensuing years, especially in states where fishing is a major industry.(WGME) In addition, the Federal Government has prepared ways to offer assistance to fishermen, as a result of the disaster caused by catch limits( Meanwhile, foreign fishing fleets are under no obligation to follow NOAA laws, and have been fishing unfettered offshore on all coasts with impunity.

New Bedford Fishermen protest against fish catch regulations - image Boston Globe

Therefore, the entire science behind the fish catch limits, is, in a word utter nonsense – most grocers now sell “sustainable, farm-raised fish”, which held the inland corporate fishing industry, however, does nothing for those self-employed fishermen who have enjoyed the waters off the Bay State since the Pilgrims landed. Higher costs for the regular folk, disastrous for the local fishing industry, and wholly ridiculous, as foreign fleets fish offshore, and are not subject to any “catch limits”.

Go Martha.

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