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North Korea and the Dangers of Insulation, The Press and the Unhinged. What if Young Un gave a threat and Nobody Reacted?

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When one thinks of North Korea, one normally knows very little about the country – other than it is a communist dictatorship, propped up by China, which starves its population of both food and light, especially those who are perceived as a threat to the “government”. There is literally no escape from North Korea, except by a treacherous route, and should one survive the journey, one is then sentencing their family to a life in a camp that will kill them. In meeting an individual from the north of China, speaking about the Korean’s, the stories told are chilling. The North Korean’s, should they escape to China, are summarily returned in a fashion similar to that used during the Dark Ages, and then executed. This is plain sight of nationals on both sides of the border. It is in keeping with a culture that is incomprehensible to those living in the West, as are most eastern or “exotic” nations-those that are perceived to be “modern”, are, in essence, dangerously living centuries behind in terms of human rights, and those governments relationships with their citizens. This is the non-politically correct assessment.

North Korea, under a third-generation dictatorship, is the unusual position of having a young individual as the “Head of State”, and as the “Supreme Rule”, or some such moniker, Kim Jung Un. He is attempting to establish himself both globally and one would suspect with a nation where, although starving and deprived of essentials, the admiration of the citizen is essential, in his own country. Therefore, in order to show his strength, the young man has decided to threaten the world with nuclear war.

How is the world reacting, especially the U.S. where the majority of the threats are aimed, as well as our ally, South Korea, which, is one of the most developed nations, along with Japan in that area, on a par with the U.S.

This young man, who, according to ABC News, is not running the country at all, it is his Aunt and Uncle that are pulling the strings, however, this is based on speculation. One would suspect that not unlike the Caesar’s of Rome, or any of the European Kings brought early to the throne, he is of his own mind, regardless of whether or not he has the wherewithal to lead someone across the street, let alone a nation.

This is why the situation is now growing increasingly out of control. The North Korean’s have the capability of launching missiles, as to how far is still open to speculation, however, with the aid of their allies, such as China, they are on target to produce a nuclear warhead, if they do not already have them, again, that’s an unknown. The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry is issuing warnings to the North Korean’s, suggesting the “rhetoric is provocative, dangerous, reckless”, in an attempt to warn the young leader that the nation has gone too far. (Guardian UK) Meanwhile, the North Korean’s have suggested they will reopen a nuclear complex that is capable of producing bomb grade materials. (Guardian UK). This morning, the New York Times and other media are reportingthat the North Korean’s have blocked the South Korean’s from entering a shared industrial complex, adding “fuel” to the fire.

The U.S. has already deployed naval support to the area, including radar that has the capability to transmit data to equipment that would then block the missiles from hitting their intended targets. The young leader has mapped out targets in his “war room”, that include U.S. cities on the east and west coast, as well as Hawaii – one of the cities suggested is Austin Texas. (Washington Post.)

It is, and has been, a great deal of posturing, however, that is what makes the situation and the way it is handled diplomatically dangerous. Perhaps, not unlike those living in nations where threats against the U.S. are constant, there is a rage against the west, primarily because the West has the capabilities to produce and distribute much to a free people, including soft drinks, and one would suspect in the minds of the North Korean’s, ample electricity allowing even the most remote U.S. cities to have actual lights on in the evening. Thus the family dictatorship chose to focus on a military build-up, spending every cent on attaining the pretense of power, while their citizens starve and live in the dark.

There is no reasoning, or threats, or bribes (the U.S. has given aid to North Korean in the past in exchange for their promise not to build nuclear weapons under several administrations.) that are adequate in the face of what is, for lack of better words, insanity and ignorance of the world.

What if the U.S., instead of issuing warnings, just ignored the young sprout? What if, the U.S. quietly, without the media blaring World War III, moved a few ships to Japan, which is not usual on the face of it? What would happen if the youngster did not get world press and turn into a parody of a cartoon character hell bent on destroying the world? What would one’s 2 year old do? The child might throw a fit, perhaps break something, but if no one responded, would they not come to realize that perhaps, just perhaps, their tantrums were being ignored, and perhaps, just perhaps, better behavior was in order?

That scenario offers a risk yes, but in a world that is on the brink of a potential catastrophe, using a little child psychology mixed in with diplomacy might just do the trick. In the event that junior deicided to lob a missile at the U.S., then, it is apparent we have the capabilities to deflect that action. At that point, it would behoove our allies, especially China, to step in and put down the very heavy economic boot, refusing to give further food or military aid to the nation. Actually, in a perfect world, such a gesture from China would be the first step, however, better late than never.

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