Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Bombers “Influenced” by Al Queda Magazine – Magazine – fighting for “Islam’ Cause” – China Province Sees “Violent Clashes” – with Muslims! – Time for Global Re-Education

According to the NBC’s USNews, the Boston Bombers were “Inspired” by an Al Queda Magazine, one that gave them instructions on how to make a bomb – therefore, they were “acting alone” so to speak.. Al Queda has the wherewithal to have a publishing company, which produces an online magazine whose sole aim is to ”inspire the believer to perform their duty in fighting Islam’s cause” (Inspire Magazine). This is the stuff that the brothers were reading, which, for those who follow radical Islam, apparently gives them simple tools to in which, blow up just about anything. It is something that should be taken seriously – and is a direct link to Al Queda. To suggest that the brothers were somehow “duped” or naive enough to take the magazine seriously, is in itself rather naive.

The fact that no matter who sits in the Oval Office can quell the quest to continue Al Qaeda’s the sole objective of furthering “Islam’s cause” (or for the sake of simplicity and/or historical fact is to conquer the world for Islam) should be taken into consideration by those who believe there is no need for a “war on terror”. It is the way in which the “war on terror might be fought” that needs to change. In the most recent edition of “Inspire”, page 56, the title (truncated): “10 years later, Obama Deludes his nation claiming that killing …..will lead to eternal peace” – goes on and speaks about “operations” which took place on American soil, which “disturbed the world” and boasts that the movement is growing – citing the number of “jihad operations” which have “taken place on American soil the past two years”. (Inspire Magazine) It is the stuff of reality mixed with a hefty dose of propaganda that is a mix of politics and religion. Politics and Religion apparently go hand in hand and have since the beginning of time. There are those religions based on peace (which have been, at times, corrupted by men), and then there is one religion based on acquiring additional nations, properties and conversion by force.

Therefore it is not a war on terror; it is a war on the ignorance of those who believe that world dominance can be achieved by terrorist attacks. Suggestion: a counter publication, in multiple languages, available for those readers that would: suggest the sole reason the follower and potential bomb thrower should understand that a whole lot of money, rather than faith, is a stake and that individual is being used as a pawn by wealthy madmen. One might, by following jihad, destroy an innocent family’s life, main and kill innocent children, and in today’s 24-7 news cycle, be forgotten in 10 minutes – one has to question – “Where is the win?” – One loses one’s life; put’s one’s family in the same position, and basically looks like an idiot for following an “online magazine”

Those in the west might find this type of publication to be “cartoonish” – and in fact, it does appear so, including the English Language version. However, the violence suggested, and the violence taking place around the world, suggests that early intervention – say a Head Start to Prevent Radicalism – might be in order. Not to be naive, however it is a stunning lack of education, rather than education that is allowing this monstrosity to continue, day after day, in nations around the world. The only way to peacefully combat the abomination is by educating the populace – with any means possible. Not so much to convert to another “religion” but rather to suggest the “Religion of Peace” as Islam is so often called – might do better if “peace” were practiced.

How far do those followers believe they can take their “jihad” – Apparently, the U.S., along with Obama are not the only ones to hate, maim and destroy. The BBC is reporting “Deadly clashes in China's Xinjiang”:

Clashes in China's restive Xinjiang region have left 21 people dead, including 15 police and officials, local authorities say.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Bachu county, Kashgar prefecture, a statement on the official Xinjiang government website said.

It began when officials searched homes for weapons, it said. Six "gang members" were among the dead, it said.

There have been sporadic clashes in Xinjiang in recent years.

The incidents come amid rumbling ethnic tensions between the Muslim Uighur and Han Chinese communities. In 2009 almost 200 people - mostly Han Chinese - were killed after deadly rioting erupted.

To understand the connection to the two Boston “jihadists” one need only look at the map provided by the BBS in the article above.

A massive reeducation leaflet drop should begin immediately – A Weapon of Mass Education - there are too many countries, so little time.

Image of map showing latest “terrorist attacks” in China – to the left (not shown) is Chechnya – (also not included Indonesia, Africa, et al.) – Image

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