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The Rand Paul Budget - Why Paul Makes Sense in Short Order – and Why He Drives the Permanent Political Class (Establishment) Crazy.

A study by the Cato Institute comparing the Paul Budget to President Obama's Budget. Note R. Paul Ryan(R-WI) proposed budget would balance in Ten years - Image - Article Rand Paul's balance budget plan"

Kentucky’s Junior Senator, Paul Rand, had written a budget for the U.S. Senate that makes the most sense of any budget to come out of Washington in sometime. Considering the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House and the White House have not had a budget in at least four years, rather passing “continuing resolutions” a parliamentary process that keeps the funds flowing but does not constitute a budget, it boggles the mind that when one budget is written that would have the effect of appealing to those in the trenches (taxpayers), on both sides of the political party fence, then one would think it would garner some support. The problem with Paul Rand is that he is neither Establishment Republican and he is a Republican – meaning he immediately loses the “Establishment (i.e. entrenched) Republican Senators, and automatically looses the majority of the Democrat senators by virtue of his being a Republican. A sane and reasonable budget getting zero tracking is a conundrum for Paul, to be sure, but a conundrum for the average American citizen as well; given the fact that little gets done in Washington unless it is endless partisan bickering.

Perhaps there are reasons why many of his peers would prefer the Rand Paul to sit quietly in a corner – it is the legislation he writes that would appeal to a broad section o the public, for example, his Bill S.J.RES.3, proposing term limits for member of both house, or S.RES.28, a bill requiring ample time for legislation to be read! (See for a complete list of sponsored and co-sponsored legislation by the very busy Senator Rand Paul.

His Budget, available at, is worth the time to read, as it offers a sane solution to a debt free Republic in five (5) years, the shortest amount of time in any budget offered to date (or especially in the non-budgets offered to date). The Key points, A flat tax, rather than progressive, tax, and entitlement reform that offers means testing for recipients (those that make millions can apply for and receive social security), as well as offering the Congressional Health Care Plan to Seniors (i.e. choices in plans). The budget eliminates certain departments which are underperforming, including the behemoth Department of Education, and Senator Paul backs up his budget with statistics that are clearly readable by those who are not “lawyers”.

There were merely, 18 Senators that voted for Paul’s Budget, which make sense given the fact that if one had a balanced budget, removing underperforming and unnecessary departments, family members, friends and lobbyists on both sides of the aisle might be out of a job. The Senators voting for the budget: (From Barrasso (R-WY), Coburn (R-OK), Cornyn (R-TX), Crapo (R-ID), Cruz (R-TX), Enzi (R-WY), Flake (R-AZ,) Inhofe (R-OK), Johnson (R-WI), Lee (R-UT), McConnell (R-KY, Moran, (R-KS), Paul, R-KY, Risch (R-ID), Scott (R-SC), Sessions (R-AL, Shelby(R-AL), and Vitter, R(LA).

It is not without its partisan ring; however, it is the Fiscal Conservatives of the Senate – rather than the general GOP and Democrats who are circling the wagons when it comes to Paul Rand.

In a recent interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Senator Paul suggested that the Congresses is 10 years behind the American People (Real Clear Politics) – one would suggest Senator Paul was being generous to his peers.

As to some in the media, who see Paul as a threat to the White House in 2016, expect to see more comparisons to Mitt Romney, such as the very imaginative post by one of the contributors to the Huffington Post (which passes for media. To compare Rand Paul to Mitt Romney is the biggest stretch of the imagination one might have – without literally ingesting hallucinatory drugs.

What one who is a moderate: Senator Rand Paul is the son of his father Ron Paul, but that is where it ends, he has Libertarian leanings, to be sure, however, he is not a “cookie cutter” image of his father, as he offers his own brand of ideas – he thinks for himself. He is neither too liberal or too conservative as it stands, but rather he stands up for what he believes, be it branded “left” or “right”, which one would suspect is the majority of the general public. In addition is not as old as Zeus (McCain, Biden, name anyone under 60 who has not had a hand or fist in the Federal Government for decades in some form or the other). He is not part of a political Dynasty (Bush, Kennedy, et al). He’s not an empty suit, charging into reality shows with daring and posing for paparazzi, and one suspects were he in the position to be the GOP candidate in 2016, he would retain his point s of view, and argue them with clarity (given his ability to do so on the Senate floor for thirteen hours (albeit with a little help from his friends), and he would be straightforward with the people, agree or disagree on some of his positions. Therein lays the crux of the matter. Regardless of whether or not, Senator Paul makes the leap to the 2016 GOP race, he is the real deal, and that is what is driving the establishment political class and some in the media (that will be 100% of the media should he run) crazy.

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