Thursday, March 21, 2013

President Obama in Israel – To Speak to Students – On the Campaign Trail in Israel

All State visits often have a glitch or two - Obama's Limo Breaks down - Image from the Telegraph - UK

President Obama has finally visited Israel – one would anticipate that there may be a rough patch or two, considering the relationship with the U.S.’s staunchest ally, has been less than congenial at times during the Presidents administration. According to recent newscasts (network affiliates) the President the President arrived to red carpets and peace protestors (CBSLocal – video), and now, today he’s in in the West Bank to speak to the Palestinians about peach talks – of course, while doing so – those peace loving Palestinians were firing rockets into Israel. According to the AP report on the local affiliate site – the President is returning to Israel where he is going to “speak to the young people”.

Unfortunately, the older Israeli’s are skeptical – the editor of the Jerusalem Post appearing on a recent talk show on WMAL, suggested that the Israeli’s have no idea of what he’s (President Obama) doing there, other to meet with students.

Perhaps Israeli Intel understands that he’s campaigning – as he’s speaking to the youth, much as he has done in the U.S. through his presidency and two campaigns. Personal reflections from editors and editorial based on the same, underlies the positive reporting coming from the Post –

What he may learn is that should an American President step on Israeli soil without a suicide bomb strapped to his back, the reception from the Palestinians is going to be less than welcoming. Perhaps by getting on the ground, he’ll understand what the Israeli’s know – they are constantly under attack as the “bad guys”, while the world condemns – nothing like actually stepping off the campaign trail here in the U.S. to put certain concepts into perspective.

As for those students they are going to attend Obama’s speech – “keeping an open mind”.

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