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Who is Dr. Ben Carson and Why are Conservatives Now Hopeful for 2016?

Dr. Benjamin Carter - 2016? - Image from Dallasweekly.com

There’s been a bit of chatter the last few days in the outlying hinterlands of Massachusetts about a brilliant conservative who is hoped to be running for President in 2016 - quoting one political junkie from the eastern end of the Bay State – “untouchable”. When speaking of “untouchable” and a candidate for any position in government, one is also speaking to electability and the penchant for the opposition (i.e. liberal/progressives) to damage a reputation or find something that will be a tag line to “scare the herd” into voting in opposition to said candidate. In 2012, it was some non-existent “war on women” - someone, some Republican, was going to take away their $7 to $9 monthly supply of birth control. Of course, that was if they worked for a religious organization, the Catholic Church for example – something that was not brought into the national conversation.

Anyone who has watched the political scene for any length of time understands that no-one individual is “untouchable”, as no-one is perfect, and if they are fairly perfect, then something must be wrong. Who would be the perfect “untouchable” candidate? To Conservatives, that’s one Dr. Benjamin Carson, Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics, Director, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery and Co-Director, The Johns Hopkins Craniofacial Center (John Hopkins), who had , in a recent interview noted that “he was retiring from surgery in June” (Hot Air). The author of “Gifted Hands”, had delivered a speech, at the National Prayer Breakfast, and had the unmitigated gall of criticizing “Obamacare”, in the presence of the President. (Real Clear Politics) It is not that Dr. Carson is the first medical practitioner who is concerned and critical of national health care as structured under the President’s, plan, but, he is the first one to do so on the national stage, in the face of the President.

Immediately following, what was seen as criticism of the President, there was the usual Democrat response – From the Washington Times: It sure didn’t take long for Democrats to strike back at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast remarks made by Dr. Benjamin Carson that took a conservative tack and criticized the national debt and current fiscal tax-and-spend policy. On a CNN on Sunday, Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky accused Dr. Carson of hypocrisy, saying he actually used political correctness — which he had denounced in his speech — for his personal gain.

“Well, I think that there’s a political correctness that he was trying to use to appeal to a conservative audience,” she said, on CNN, as reported in Israel Matsav. She also criticized Dr. Carson for making what she described as a “political speech” during a religious event, calling his timing inappropriate — as well as his “invoke[ing] of God as support for that kind of view.” Ms. Schakowsky said Dr. Carson’s comments are simply indicative of “where many of the Republicans and tea partiers are right now,” and said that “we need to have an economy that works for everyone.”
(Washington Times). Note: If Dr. Carson was not seen as a threat to hold a political office, there would not have been an immediate response.)

One might have to break it to the Congressional Rep, the National Prayer Breakfast is a political event, and Dr. Carson, in his speech was talking about the human condition and its relationship to one government program., in a setting that was full of politico’s – apparently, Dr. Carson left his “politically correct “speak” at the door”

Which led to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal: simply titled “Ben Carson for President”

One understands, if one is a hard right conservative that the Wall Street Journal is hardly the body of hard right news – it is more moderate in tone, therefore, Dr. Carson is growing a fan base well ahead of his “retirement from surgery” or any formal (or non) announcement for the top job in D.C, in 2016. From this perspective, it is the time when those thinking about a run, are getting their ducks in order, and those who would be political junkies are seeking the “right” candidate. Dr. Benjamin Carson, might be the right medicine for the problems we, as a nation face, - whether one is conservative or moderate – that remains to be seen – yet, he walks the walk and certainly talks the talk - in not a politician, a relative or spouse of a politician or member, no matter how remote of a political "dynasty"– refreshing.

Listen to Dr. Benjamin Carson (video below)

There was also a movie.......

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