Wednesday, December 12, 2012

North Korea Has “Successful” Rocket Launch with Help from Iran - Fear: Objective to launch Missiles capable of reaching the U.S. – North Korean People Starving for Decades.

In September, of 2012, the North Koreans and Iranians forged an agreement against a "common enemy" (photograph:Kuwait Times

The North Korean Government had a “successful” rocket launch yesterday to a great deal of “celebration” by North Koreans. (Washington Post). The Washington Post reporting on the event notes that the rocket, an antiquated Russian Unha-3, a three stage missile, traveled as far as the Philippine Sea. The South Korean’s feel the goal will be to build a bigger and more efficient version, one that would be capable of holding a nuclear warhead. The regime received a little help from their friends, the Iranian’s, who had sent Missile Experts to North Korean several days in advance of the launch.(Pakistan Daily Times)

The North Korean’s were immediately condemned for the act by the United States, Canada, and the world, including the U.N.. Of course, the act of verbally “condemning” a regime that has done something dangerous or has committed human rights atrocities, is somewhat commonplace – there is no saber rattling or fear of retribution as most nations are seen by the North Korean’s as either Paper Tigers or allies.

The fact that the Iranians’ are giving them a helping hand, should spark a bit of concern, as it is more than likely the balance of the aid they received in a fast paced move from failure to launch to putting one up in the air and sending it to the Philippines (merely 1700 miles), is of some concern. If they can perfect the rocket to deliver twice the distance, they will be within range of Alaska, (3,000 miles). If they take it even further, the fears are that the mainland of the U.S., the California Coast, specifically, Los Angeles which would be approximately 6,000 miles away. Of course, one would have to ask what the strategic significance would be as far as the North Korean regime lobbing a nuclear warhead at Los Angles.

What the world has at the moment is a regime that has been starving its people for decades in order to subdue and economize on food, electricity (which is given to Communist party faithful), in order to continue to develop its military. There are scores of articles dating back into the 1950’s, that depicted a “red” North Korea, where there was a massive buildup of the army, while individuals were executed for political reasons, the populace was starving, and crime was rampant. (The Spokane Daily Chronicle, Google News Archives, June 28, 1955). One would think that the situation would have changed, but it has not. Articles continue about the correlation between a starving populace and a military buildup up through the decades. Horror stories from those who have managed to escape from the North into South Korea, although rare, highlight the madness of the regime. The escape is difficult due to the borders security, as well as the fact that if one does manage to get out, their families are most certainly condemned to a camp, where they are literally starved to death.

A regime that is willing to murder its own population in order to attempt parity with nations who’s financial and military capabilities are far superior is one that would, in effect, be the one that would do its utmost to settle old scores and please the friends who offer to help, by taking out what would only be described as a “duel enemy”. (See the Iranians and North Korean’s signed an agreement to cooperate in science, citing a “common enemy”(Kuwait Times, 1 September, 2012). That would be Iran’s zealot belief of the U.S. – the “Great Satan”, and North Korea would get a two-fer, one shot at the U.S. for the 1950 Korean Conflict, and more engineers and missiles parts, including enriched uranium, from Korea and other nations with like mind. In return, the Mullahs in Iran and elsewhere in the East would be dealing a blow to the Infidels, seeing an opportunity to advance and convert a nation or nations in chaos.

Although he previous scenario sounds a bit like science fiction mixed with nationalistic anxiety, it is historically feasible. One has to question what might happen to those North Koreans once the deed would be done, and the Iranian’s (not the Persian people whom the Mullah’s hold captive), turn on them.

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