Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Greetings from the Western End of the Blues State – City of Chicopee, Massachusetts, Declares Holiday Tree to be – a Christmas Tree!

The lighting of the Holiday Tree – has been changed to: The lighting of the Christmas Tree – photo: Springfield Republican-Masslive.com

Fromthe Springfield Republican’s - Masslive.com: The City of Chicopee, Massachusetts, has declared that the Holiday Tree and its annual lighting ceremony, will henceforth be called - a Christmas Tree. The City Council passed the resolution in a unanimous vote a week before the national Christmas Holiday.

Although surrounded by politically correct universities and the People’s Republic of Amherst, the City of Chicopee consistently surprises, from its fiscally coherent management, to the amazing response from the Mayor and the City officials in the Snowicane of October 2011 - this is just icing on the cake.

The Republican could not just stop at the fact that the mainly Democrat City Council, has had it with the Holiday this and that, and designated the tree – a Christmas Tree (given it’s sold at Christmas Tree Farms, bought for the purpose of decorating with Christmas Decorations, and placement of Christmas Presents underneath said tree. The Republican hauled out its usual expert noting that the Tree itself has zip to do with Christmas – keeping the paper politically correct while covering a very Christmas story. For a history of the Christmas Tree – and the meanings attached to same with some controversy - covering Christian cultures from pre - 14th century Europe forward – read: Christianity today – the story behind why we have a Christmas tree

This blogger’s Austrian roots (the other half of the roots are Spanish), made Christmas Eve and Day the most magical and religious of holidays in the Christian – Catholic calendar. In Massachusetts at one time, there were actual carolers, who drank the neighbor’s schnapps while doing so, going from house to house to make the season bright! As the years passed, the import of Christmas has seemed to deteriorate into a retail holiday – to some, however, there are those that still see the magic and the birth of hope celebrated on Christmas. We give gifts, we celebrate, but it has been tampered down a bit, with the Holiday moniker taking the Christmas out of the hamlets, Gone is the Crèche from the public square, and national trees are not called “Christmas” rather, “Holiday. So this Christmas Season, take heart, as frivolous as it may seem, in the deepest West End of the politically Bluest State, there is a glimmer of hope. As a resident of this great City of Opportunity – this blogger could not be more pleased knowing that there is still a light shinning in the darkness of political correctness. If it can happen in Massachusetts, perhaps, just perhaps, Virginia, it can happen everywhere.

Merry Christmas!

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