Friday, November 23, 2012

When Wild Animal Attack While the World turns upside down! – Massachusetts Aggressive Turkey’s Trouble – Texas Deer Attacks Men – Steal’s Cigarettes! A Thanksgiving Review

Deer and Turkey - So very Appropriate - image

It’s time for a little levity what with all the tax hikes looming for middle and lower income families should those pesky Bush Tax cuts expire, Union’s Attempting to Strike at Wal-Mart on Black Friday (with little help from actual Wal-Mart workers), the Jet’s taking an historic loss to the Patriots, and families fighting on Thanksgiving over the the 2012 election.

Although, some of this may be connected…

In Massachusetts, there appears to be a problem with wild turkey’s in Brookline, outside Boston. The fabled birds are flying in people’s faces- literally, attacking joggers, and those trying to take photographs. The residents are going to organize a meeting to attempt to deal with the problem – apparently there are only two hunting seasons in Massachusetts, and since this is an urban area, problems arise due to gun laws according to CBS Boston. Massachusetts is the site of the first Thanksgiving and Brookline is an upscale “liberal” neighborhood – Community Organizers against aggressive Turkey’s…there’s something innately right about this report.

In Texas, an aggressive deer charged two men outside of their own home in in Whitehouse, forcing the men to make a run for the safety of their truck. Apparently, the deer became so aggressive, one of the men jumped into the back of the truck – the deer responded by grabbing his cigarettes, and making a snack out of them. In this case, although it took 5 men to restrain the buck (NBS Local the animal was clearly trying to save the man’s life and keep the air free of second hand smoke!

A personal note - Animals have been known to respond to their environment and those humans with whom they live in close proximity. Injecting a little wisdom from my Grandmother – all animals are God’s creatures, for us to care for, learn from and, as God indented, either make the dinner, or a companion. This respect for animals was passed onto my mother (with the exception of the execution of said animals for dinner, (there were grocery stores by that point, and an end to the great depression) who made pets of almost every type of creature that made its way into the yard, the ducklings, the skunks, the squirrels. Those bear, deer, and the occasional rattlesnake, were given the respect of distance. That’s the reason why my three dogs are put on some sort of pedestal! We can derive great peace and a bit of harmony from those who we respect and those that we adopt as part of our family. There’s also nothing more amusing and refreshing than the somewhat silly (although those in the aforementioned deer and turkey reports may not agree) stories (gems) one finds in the press, amid all the doom and gloom of politics, wars, murder, mayhem and simply stress of our daily lives.

Should the Congress and the President not reach an agreement and keep the Bush Tax Cuts (unlikely), then American’s will tighten their belts, and, like the Turkeys of Brookline, take their revenge on all of them in the next two elections. Should the Wal-Mart employees take those Union agitators out to the woodshed and let them have it, as they have a job, and it appears most companies will not be hiring or expanding due to increased government regulations, and then they are also acting like Turkeys. The Jet’s should have taken Tim Tebow, prayers and all, off the bench, taking a hint from the deer, a little praying in New York and New Jersey would not hurt in the least. Finally, when your brother, aunt, sister or mother disagree with you over politics, politely agree to disagree and remember that there will be more elections, and some of those might turn out to please you. Above all, don’t gloat!

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