Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Of Big Bird, Desperation and Romney Touch of Humor – Democrats early Signs of MDS (Mitt Derangement Syndrome)

Chris Matthews, Obama Supporting MSNBC Host, lampooned on Jay Leno - or art imitates life - image the

The Obama Campaign was told to cease and desist using the Bid Bird character from Sesame Street in its advertising yesterday. (ABC News) The ad was in response to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s suggestion that savings to the Federal Government could be made by cutting program such as aid to the PBS during the first of three Presidential debates. Romney’s suggestion apparently was the one thing in the entire debate that the Obama team thought might be worth taking a “shot at”. However, they may have wanted to pick a program where the programming does not make millions of dollars from sales of merchandise, with management salaries up in the 6 figure range(, which may be why Romney feels that the network could be commercially viable without tax-payers dollars. For the past week the Obama campaign has been using the “taking Big Bird away by cutting funding” approach to bolster the President after his horrifically poor performance at the same debate. Romney for his part, speaking at a campaign event suggested: “"You have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving Big Bird," he said. "I actually think we need to have a president who talks about saving the American people and saving good jobs." (Politico) Point, counter-point.

Elsewhere, in Virginia Democrats who are so heavily vested in “saving” the Obama campaign, have taken to using box cutters to take down Romney signs on Private Property, used human excrement to throw at Romney sings in private yards, stolen signs from businesses in broad daylight, and screamed at people who were holding a political rally (Video-Washington Times). Of course, yelling to support one’s “team” so to speak is not out of the norm, however, yelling, ripping up signs while doing so, and walking back and forth in what appears to be utter frustration may be a sign of trouble to come.

Trouble – after George W. Bush was elected to a second term, there was an acute case of what became known as Bush Derangement Syndrome(Desert News) and although it was noted in jest, there were those that took to bed for three weeks after the election, refused to speak to friends and family suspected of voting for George W. Bush, and otherwise display erratic behavior.

Granted, this blogger is in no wise, a Therapist, or mental health professional of any sort, however, the MDS symptoms have begun to appear early (see Washington Times article in Paragraph II), and even in Massachusetts family friends have been chased down the street by avid supporters of the President and Elizabeth Warren (the lefts perceived next Obama and Senate Candidate in MA), and nearly assaulted, by screaming campaign volunteers who cannot comprehend why anyone would support either Mitt Romney or Scott Brown as a candidate. When one goes to those extremes in Boston, image the statewide shock if a)Mitt Romney takes Massachusetts contrary to polling data which oversamples the left side of the Commonwealth by a 50% margin, and Warren looses despite the usual dead voting, ballot stuffing, miraculously finding 30,000 extra votes tactics which are normal for the Commonwealth. Additionally, if it can happen in Massachusetts and Virginia, this early in the game, imagine what might take place after there is a President Romney? There is the alleged potential for rioting according to the Examiner article “Obama supporters on Twitter threaten to riot if Romney wins election”. All semi-jesting aside, be kind to your friends, families and neighbors who are so heavily vested in a candidate that they display any of the associated syndrome, and get them professional help as soon as possible, especially those so heavily vested in a candidate it appears they may participate in a “riot”.

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