Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC Convention – Full Videos: Davis, Martinez, Fortuno, Love, Cruz – The Reality of Conservatism and Diversity and the Racism from the Media and Left

Governor Luis Fortuno, Puerto Rico, speaks at the RNC Convention - image: Politico

One hears a great deal about diversity in the United States, in the workplace, in schools, in government – but most often and especially in the rhetoric of political party speeches as well as a constant drumbeat in traditional media. What one is told is that if a person who is Spanish, (Latino-Hispanic in Government Speak), or African-American, or Asian or a “woman” must be somehow, wrong, if that person subscribes to a politically conservative point of view, or God forbid, is a Republican! The Democrat Party, one must understand, owns the Hispanic, Black and Women’s votes – because that is what the general population is told by the traditional media, by the Democrat Party – if one is found in one of those “categories”, then one must be part of that particular party – or something is drastically wrong with that person.

The RNC Convention in Tampa has been telecast by the major networks, (ABC, NBC, CBS), for one hour each night, full coverage is available on C-Span, and the cable news network’s offer running commentary similar to the major networks, giving their “points of view” or “spin” from the right (FOX) and from the left (CNN and MSNBC) talking over speakers, panning away from speakers, and cutting away from the speakers that, perhaps, just perhaps are the wrong color or ethnic group and should be speaking next week in Charlotte at the DNC Convention rather than in Tampa at the RNC – based on who they are.
What one missed if one were viewing any of the above mentioned with the exception of C-span, are the speakers who, for whatever reasons, are Conservatives. They are the Spanish, the African American’s and the women who stand for their values, and are currently holding an elective office, or are part of a movement, and who gave blazing speeches at the Republican Convention over the past few days. One would not have seen these speeches, as they were cut away, to give viewers, the “treat” of watching Tom Brokaw, and whatever talking head that the major networks could provide, with a panel that apparently was invested in not showing the public these particular voices and faces of conservatism. Below are this bloggers favorites, they are all Americans, and they have the unmitigated gall of being Conservatives and to a man and to a woman, they are accomplished, and they are the embodiment of what this nation is truly about – the ability to personally choose to work and excel and to serve, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, et. al. One has to wonder why these amazing men and women were not shown to the general public who were watching the major networks or even the cable networks – unless of course, it was to use them as examples of what surely must be an “oddity” due to the fact that they are not old white men. If racism is alive and well in these United States, this daughter of the mother country, Espana, only sees this poison coming from Progressives as well as the faces of the media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.) who continue to shun those who hold a different political view. Yes they shun those who, because of race or ethnicity, are only allowed to be in a certain political party. In reality, race, gender or ethnicity, is a source of pride to those who share the same heritage, other than that, however, these labels do not matter simply because we are all citizens of the United States, allowed to take part in guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no matter the circumstances of birth.

Below are video clips from CNN featuring speakers that one might not have seen while watching the networks – in no particular order. It is difficult to choose a favorite speaker, they are all favorites – simply because they have a message of hope and they all have a story to tell, about the opportunities that this great nation offers.

Artur Davis

Texas Senate Candidate Ted Cruz

Governor Susana Martinez

Governor Luis Fortuno

Mayor Mia Love

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