Monday, August 20, 2012

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan in New Hampshire Today – Stadium Erected at St. Anselm College Begins at 10:00 AM – Romney’s 100th Town Hall Meeting

Crowds joined rally for Ryan in his hometown in WI, however, smaller crowds In New Hampshire (3800 for Obama) are anticipated given the size of the Romney Staging and Seating Area.

The Boston Globe: news this morning is brief on a Romney-Ryan Campaign event that is taking place in Manchester New Hampshire at the Quad on St. Anselm’s College. The President was in New Hampshire late last week, drawing a crowd of 3800- he was greeted by small business owners who protested along the President's campaign route, holding signs that said “We did build it/”. Traffic advisories out of New Hampshire appear, at 6:28 am, to show no signs of stoppage, however, The Union Leader is suggesting that students and teachers get there early to avoid traffic and find parking.

How large will the event be?

According to the examiner : "The workers already had in place portable metal bleachers on three sides that frame a center cockpit filled with individual seats. The quadrangle in front of the Alumni Building where commencement and graduation ceremonies are staged and the Romney-Ryan rally will take place was cordoned off with a six-foot tall chain-link fence metal fence. The area in front of the bullpen. The structure is said to be able to seat 3, 025 people." However with several acres of the quad available, there should be room outside of the structure for those supports, or protestors who care to witness the Town Hall.

The Program is slated to start at 10:00 a.m. – and coverage will be on To check Traffic, if attending or simply curious: at 6:42 Traffic is Moderate going into the campus according to local

With New Hampshire latest polling on the Granite State showing a statistical ties (includes WMUR-UNH polling), it will be interesting to see crowd size, given NH is a swing state. Although, for both the Obama Campaign and the Romney Campaign, crowd size in New Hampshire, also includes residents from all surrounding state (MA,CT, VT, and ME). It is not often that a political event takes place in the aforementioned states, so this is, for all intents and purposes, a New England Political Rally.

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