Tuesday, May 01, 2012

President Barack Obama – Alternate Career Option – Entertainment – Comic Timing Impeccable at Washington Correspondence Dinner

The President during Washington Correspondence Dinner "Stand-Up Routine" - "My mother was from Kansas, my father was from Kenya, and I was born in Hawaii - wink" - image from gulfnews.com

Each year, the Washington Press Corp holds an event celebrating the Press and the President – it is a “star-studded” event, with a comedian (or comedienne) roasting the President, and in turn, the President gets a shot at the stage. Having watched this event through so many administrations, the only individual who struck as truly funny was Karl Rove and his attempt at a rap – more often than not, it is boring, with comics who appear over careful of offending the President or over-the-top partisan – this year, it was stunningly different. Once one got through the “red-carpet”, and intros, awards presented by the press to the press, the President of the United States got his turn to poke fun at himself, the press, and anyone he chose – Obama was – in a word- hysterical. The C-Span clip is below, and it is worth watching. While some might take offense (Keith Olbermann over Jimmy Kimmel’s segment for one), or some partisan shots taken by the President during his bit - which were truly funny. President Obama was so funny, in fact, that he totally eclipsed Jimmy Kimmel, who delivered a few good lines, but overall, could not compete with the natural skill the President displayed. He clearly has a future, should Kimmel’s one term joke, play out – Kimmel may be out of a job.

His comedic timing, impeccable, his delivery – spot on, and whether one disagrees or agrees with his political ideology, the man is simply funny. One has to ponder, at one point not too long ago, there was a great fear in the nation in the final year of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency, it was that one Ronald Reagan, Governor of California and former Actor (emphasis) just might best Jimmy Carter. We had an actor in the White House and for eight years the press never let up on that fact. Now, we might have a comedian who leaves the White House and heads to Hollywood (although there are some stellar comedy clubs in Chicago), where he would definitely have both the connections and the ability to have a career – watch out Jay Leno and Dave Letterman, there is a very qualified candidate for your jobs. For those who feel the President has an “agenda” imagine full access to the nation after-the-fact, indoctrination through comedy!

Seriously, President Obama was hysterical, and as he noted, the person who is elected in November will be lucky to attend this event. Word to Mitt Romney - start working on your punch lines now – it’s inevitable.

Articles referencing the Presidents Performance under “entertainment and celebrities”, The Minneapolis Star Tribune: “President delivers as nation's comic-in-chief” - No kidding.

C-Span video below:

At 19:48 marker

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