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George W. Bush Weighs in on 2012 – As Expected Endorses Romney – AP Bush Polarizing? Compared to Whom? Opinion and Analysis

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The Headline: AP Via ”The Chippewa Herald: “Role unlikely for George W. Bush in Romney bid”, speaks to the “endorsement of Mitt Romney by former President George W. Bush, and the fact that Bush might still be problematic for Republicans:

"Romney's campaign doesn't foresee the 43rd president playing a substantive role in the race. Aides are carefully weighing how much the former president should be involved in the GOP convention _ and for good reason. The Bush fatigue that was a drag on GOP nominee John McCain four years ago, and on the country, still lingers, including among Republicans."

"While Bush's standing has improved since he left office in January 2009, he remains a polarizing political figure."

One must note that Republicans (the Body Party Politics) are generally careful and pragmatic regarding appearances, specifically erring on the side of caution, being at times too timid and living in what amounts to a glass bowl. In addition, the role of former Presidents should not weigh a great deal in the campaigns of those who would be President. It is not the comparative that is at issue, it is the ability for the Romney Campaign to define Mitt Romney as an individual. One does not see Obama on stage with any former Democrat Presidents – unless one counts Jimmy Carter. It is highly doubtful the most popular Democrat former President Bill Clinton will be seen embracing Obama on the stump – he may support the Party, but it is not with enthusiasm.

Bush on the other hand has seen a bit of notoriety during the Obama Administration. First, the “Miss Me Yet” Billboards, then the “Miss Me Yet” T-Shirts, that continue to be “best Sellers” despite the fact that Obama is rounding the corner of the last year of his administration. They continue to sell on outlets such as Amazon, Café Press, and any one of thousands of internet based t-shirt outlets – In the case of Martha’s Vineyard (a favorite Obama vacation destination) Miss Me Yet t-shirts, outsell “I vacationed with Obama” on the resort island.

That does not speak to Romney, but it does speak to the Obama Presidency – especially in popular culture.

The idea that G.W. Bush would be the divisive President is perhaps ancient history – the most divisive President award will, in all likelihood, go to the current President – and although the economy may be his undoing, it is also quite possible that, it would be his ability to divide and divide and divide. It can only be someone else’s fault (Bush, the Congress, the Pollster (depending on the poll), for so long before the every voter except the base starts to notice one thing. The Man has yet to own the office, preferring the campaign trail to managing the nation.

Comparatively one has the impression that Mitt Romney has a plan to fix the economy, but that he would “own” the position of Chief Executive, and having played the role successfully in the private sector, may make hiring choices that are based less on cronyism and more on ability to do the job. That remains to be seen, as he has entered the body politic, but it is more likely than not, given his experience.

Therein lays the key word - divisive - as polls continue to show Romney besting the President, with Women, (CBS/NYTimes), and Independents (CBS/NYTimes) by varying margins of 3 to 7 points (the later Rasmussen).

Therefore, if Bush, who enjoys his low profile, endorses Romney (which one would expect), then the need for the Press to paint Bush as divisive, and suggest that the Obama administration might use that tactic in the campaign (which they will any wise), it would serve to strengthen the image that Obama is continuing give credit to a previous administration, long past the time where one would find these accusations credible.

There is public perception, the more that one hears Romney is in the lead nationally, or in key states, on the evening news, then when gas prices fall, or any improvement occurs, the danger for the Obama campaign is that Romney is the reason – logic? – If the nation is improving, it is because business believes that Romney is going to win – giving Romney an early boost or leg-up if one will. At this point, there appears little that Obama can do to salvage a win in 2012, given the consonant poll data from Gallup and the trend in polls for the general election.

Carter Obama, the comparisons continue - image:

Of note: Edward Klein’s “The Amateur” is now available – and suggested reading. Having read “The Truth About Hillary, against the warnings of the likes of Bill O’Reilly on the right, and choose anyone on the “left” that has a public voice, the book allowed those that tended to dehumanize Hillary Clinton, with a vengeance, actually like her – more to the point, look at her record and then support her candidacy in 2008.


Repack Rider said...

Calling Mr. Obama "divisive" is a neat propaganda trick, but that does not make it true.

The "divisive" meme is straight from the GOP situation room, not from patriotic, hardworking people like me, (Army vet, business owner, Social Security recipient).

Mr. Obama may not be the strongest leader as president, but he is a ton smarter than Romney, and has what appear to be a set of ethics, also in contrast to Mr. Romney.

Tina Hemond said...

Dear Mr. Rider,
First, thank you your service and taking the time to comment on my opinion blog – the operative word. It is my opinion, backed by some research, that, indeed, President Obama is seen as the most divisive President in our history. The GOP Situation room you speak of does not exist in my world. One might take the time to check my background (easily accessed in profile), and or have read my blog to understand that I may be “conservative” but am more moderate and independent in my political choices, including candidates. I will agree to disagree with you on policy, as well as your opinion on the intellect of the two Presidential hope
fuls. This may sum it up for you – Mitt Romney was my last choice, and I live in Massachusetts. However, in researching more thoroughly the man, and his mettle, the mistakes and the successes, Romney has experience that speaks volumes. The idiocy of the press (and party politics in general – both sides) comparing and contrasting stupid things candidates have done in their youth is of little to no interest nor is it germane to who that candidate may be now. That includes both the President and former Governor Romney.
When you speak of ethics, I’d be inserted in hearing your take on what you consider the superiority of President Obama’s ethics, vis a vis Mitt Romney’s: Ethics generally are attached to social issues, but perhaps you have something else in mind. On social issues, based recent history, one might find that Romney trumps Obama in that category, even on a human interest side (although not widely reported by the candidate or his campaign. Obama, for his part, I believe, has done the best job he could have done, only that, from the onset he was not seasoned enough as a politician and had no experience in the private sector, to give him perspective on managing anything - let alone a nation.
That is my personal opinion, if you care to continue the discourse, it is welcomed.

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