Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mitt Romney Election Dysfunction – Narrowly “Wins” Maine, follows 3 point “Victory” at CPAC Straw Poll – Is he Electable? (SNL Video)

The State of Maine Caucus, with 84% of the vote reported, called the race a win for Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor. The tally: Mitt Romney: 39.2, Ron Paul, 35.7, not campaigning in the State of Maine, Rick Santorum at 17.7% - both Gingrich and “others” were in single digits. Of note, in 2008 Romney took the State of Maine with 51.9% to John McCain’s, 21% (New York Times).

CPAC, held its annual convention, and straw poll the same day – which Romney won, again, by a squeaker, in the national poll, 27 to 25% for Rick Santorum – in the Convention poll (those attending, which includes establishment GOP), Romney won by a larger margin, of 38 to 31 (Santorum) respectively. (Huffington Post) Romney’s win inside CPAC is being compared by some media, to that of George W. Bush, who had previously won CPAC at 42% in 2000 (The Blaze)

What’s next? – Arizona and Michigan, which has little to no polling since Rick Santorum swept the states of Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota last week: See Real Clear Politics The last polls showed Romney leading, with Gingrich in close second in both states. It is unclear at this point, this far out from the primaries, if these numbers will hold up – but the momentum is clearly on Rick Santorum’s side, considering he has won swing states, where Romney has not.

The video below from Saturday Night Live, goes over the Romney losses to Santorum, and pretty much sums up the entire Romney character.

Romney’s election history
  • 2008 – Presidential run – looses to John McCain, drops out after Super Tuesday

  • 2002 – Narrowly wins the Governorship of the State of Massachusetts against a pro-gun, Democrat, Shannon O’Brien – O’Brien had been polling ahead of Romney throughout the contest, (Free Republic), until they debated the issue of abortion, trying to outdo one another as to who was more “pro-choice”, O’Brien called for 16 year olds to be allowed to seek an abortion without parental consent, and her numbers plummeted ((see What’s Wrong with Mitt Romney, for video. Romney won with less than 50% of the vote, less than any other Massachusetts Republican candidate for Governor (legal insurrection)

  • and lost to Ted Kennedy in 1994 by 17 points .

  • Overall, one has to question the fact that this early in the game, with Romney’s election statistics, why he is being touted as a frontrunner.

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