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Newt Pulls Ahead in SC Polling – Romney Unhinged, Right/Left Attack Gingrich – Gingrich best positioned, as of now, to Beat Romney/Obama - Analysis

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According to Newsmax, a yet to be released Insider Advantage Poll taken last night, shows Gingrich ahead of Romney by 32 to 29% with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum both losing ground dropping from the last poll which had Romney up in a significant, double-digit lead, and Governor Rick Perry pulling 3%, 10% were either undecided or had chosen another candidate, marginals are not yet available. Internal polling must be showing the same statistics or perhaps a wider margin or New Gingrich in the Palmetto State, as Mitt Romney has gone on the attack. From the Bellingham Herald’s Headline”Romney Unloads On Gingrich As Polls Show S.C. Race Tighteningto Romney’s PAC over which he has no control, running ads that depict the former Speaker as “unstable” the former Governor of Massachusetts appears to be losing his cool. Should this be the case, then one can anticipate a 2008 repeat of Romney’s performance after his SC loss to McCain and Huckabee; Romney’s PAC ramped up the ads, and he pulled out after Super Tuesday, after winning a dozen state caucus and primaries.

Romney is not going to go down without a scathing fight, however, and he is getting help from both the left and the right media. Last evening the Drudge Report headlined an ABC Nightline Interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife – in which she allegedly unloads on her ex-husband, the former Speaker. Interestingly, Matt Drudge first “broke “the story which was picked up by the AP in seconds, that he interview would air after the primary –allowing the innuendo to hang out over the week, which would have possibly planted some seeds of doubt in some S.C. voters minds – however, ABC, not to be outmatched by Matt Drudge, decided to run this particular segment on Thursday night, directly opposite the highly billed CNN Republican debate. It is, from this perspective, an old story – and if dragging a bitter second wife on camera to speak to the problems she had in a marriage that ended in 2000. Gingrich’s daughters released a statement noting that oftentimes marriages end and there is some bitterness attached. The only thing missing from this latest attempt to air all of Gingrich’s laundry (which is well-known and has been brought up repeatedly during the eight hundred debates thus far) is something current. Apparently, as the saying goes, they’ve (Romney, Left, and Right) have got squat.

Not to be outdone in controlling the message of the race, and to bolster Rick Santorum, a group of evangelical leaders, the same leaders who told their congregations or anyone who would listen, not to vote Republican in 2008, let loose with a press relapse to this blog outlining their radical hard-line stance and interpretation of Christianity. Excerpts from the press release (warning: disgusting):
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Rod Mitchell 281 350 5506

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- Rev. Ray Moore 803-691-9007
- Molotov Mitchell 919-760-3556


Santorum gets another endorsement

Columbia, SC (MMD Newswire) January 18, 2012 -- Days before Saturday's GOP Presidential primary here, there are signs that South Carolina evangelical Protestant leaders are starting to follow the lead of peers in Iowa and Houston who have rejected Mitt Romney, a Mormon, in favor of Rick Santorum, a Catholic. The driving thrust of the evangelical argument: Homosexuality.

The Rev. Huey Mills, pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Lancaster, said, "In obedience to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, most South Carolinans and I have a sane and healthy homophobia, while Mitt Romney has a very bad case of homophilia; the man very clearly endorses dangerous, unhealthy homosexual conduct. Romney actually proclaimed gay youth pride days as governor of Massachusetts."

Lt. Col. Ray Moore, a retired U.S. Army Reserve chaplain who lives in Columbia, said, "With President Obama, Gov. Romney favors the homosexualization of our U.S. military. While heading the executive branch of his state, Romney caved to the co-equal judicial branch on same-sex marriage, signed wedding licenses for gay couples, and embraced homosexual civil unions. Romney is so liberal that he even spoke against the right of the Boy Scouts to screen-out homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals. His positions are simply unacceptable."

Mills said, "The Word of Almighty God, from the Books of Moses to those of the Apostle Paul, commands faithful Jews and Christians to be homophobic. Carolinans have a God-fearing homophobia, while Mitt Romney wrongly endorses homosexuality as a good choice for our young people. Mitt Romney proved during the recent Meet the Press debate that he's just as liberal on the gay agenda as he always has been. In 1994, he said 'I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican Party,' while at January 8 debate, Romney proudly announced, 'a member of my cabinet was gay. I appointed people to the bench regardless of their sexual orientation.' When asked when he last stood up and spoke out for increasing gay rights, Romney said 'Right now.' That Yankee is hopelessly left-wing on homosexuality."

Today, following the example of pro-family leader Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa and national Christian radio host Dr. James Dobson, Pastor Mills announced his endorsement of Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania Senator who came up just a few votes short of defeating Romney in the January 3 Iowa Caucuses. Vander Plaats endorsed Santorum as a function of the latter's signature on The Marriage Vow, a political pledge document also signed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) last year. Dobson endorsed Santorum last Saturday at a gathering of prominent U.S. evangelical leaders in Houston, Texas which voted 75% in favor of Santorum over shortfall contenders Perry and Gingrich.

No offense to the very Catholic Rick Santorum, but he is hardly capable of sustaining the type of campaign necessary to defeat Barack Obama, therefore, the only thing one can imagine is that these “church leaders” are once again, meddling, in a misguided attempt to shut down the process, ensure a weak candidate and see Obama reelected. In 2008, when this same bunch (see interview with Dobson and near hysterical Sean Hannity available hereon YouTube, refused to support any candidate from the GOP – the premise, things would get so bad that people would just flock to their point of view.

Apparently, this has not happened and they are giving it one more shot.

It is the point that all news outlets from the New York Times piece on Newt Gingrich as a Racists for suggesting the young people work in schools, to the Drudge Report, rewriting headlines (notice this happens all the time) in order to push a narrative (when one clicks on the article, it is far from the innuendos complicit in the headline), to the usual suspects from the left, including MSNBC who went over the ledge on Gingrich’s daughter having a job, questioning if it were legal?!!!

It is, frankly, no secret that Mitt Romney is the favorite of the media (from the left and right) and the Beltway, and he is not the favorite of those who are voting, and that situation is likely to remain unchanged – if those that push the narrative against Gingrich (who is literally the most vetted candidate in this campaign), find him out of the race, hoping against hope that Romney will prevail, they had better watch how fast, anybody but Romney (Perry, Santorum or Paul) rises – especially going into the south.

Laying it out from a pragmatic and historical point of view, and the point of view that one should be able to have an opinion that may deviate from those who feel they are endowed with the ability to tell others what to do (i.e. pundits, and preachers and the left and right media): some quick takes: Newt is right about South Carolina: if he does not win South Carolina, then Mitt Romney will gain momentum and win the nomination. It is not out of bombast or arrogance, but out of a deep understanding that Romney, who relies on a teleprompter, and has iffy debate performance at best, and frankly, little to differentiate himself from Barack Obama, will be a candidate not unlike: Bob Dole or John McCain. It is the writing on the wall. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, the opposition has more research on him than any other candidate, and that is significant in and of itself. Romney, like it or not, is the preferred candidate of the Democrat Machine. That leaves the balance of those who would run for the GOP nomination in SC. The insider advantage poll, has been accurate in predicting the outcome of southern political contests, be they Republican or Democrat, so we are now aware, a few days prior to the primary, where the standings are: a tie for first between Gingrich and Romney (statistical) and the balance of the candidate without the support to push past Gingrich, unless there is interference. With interference in the shape of “breaking news” or right wing crazy men, then Santorum and or Paul, or Perry may pick up 10 points – the result, they lose, Gingrich loses and Romney wins. The nation loses. Should Gingrich prevail, then Santorum, Perry and Paul live to go to Florida and continue the vetting process there, having successfully knocked Romney off his perch, and off his stride. When this happens to Mittens, he lashes out, his PAC overreacts, and he will, eventually drop out, leaving the balance to “duke” it out for the nomination.
It is hoped that those who think they have significant influence (Drudge, and all media), either through innuendo or hate, are largely ignored, and the CNN debate tonight, allows the field to develop naturally.

This Debate at 8pm eastern promises to be a free for all – in other words, CNN, who offers the best debates and return of votes coverage, will let the candidates attack or retreat on their own.

Should Romney prevail, so be it, should Santorum be suddenly impressive and rousing, so be it, should Perry or Paul rise to the top so be it, and if the Speaker should deliver yet another brilliant debate performance – so be it. Let the natural order and the people of South Carolina make up their own minds, before calling one man the leader after only 2 states have cast votes, or to have another bolstered by a group that is clearly jumped over the hedge and down the rabbit hole.

It is no secret that this blogger prefers Newt Gingrich, simply because he is the smartest guy in the room, has made mistakes – and admits they were mistakes, (compounding his intelligence with common sense), and who is positioned to be the best individual to take the presidency - it will be the debate arena, along with all those negative ads, that will decide this election. It will be the clips and the attention paid to each candidate as the race progresses, and if the candidate is weak (in a John McCain sort of way), they will not insert themselves into the American’s Public Eye, in spite of the media. One has to ask themselves, which one of the aforementioned candidates appears least intimidated by the media? The last question: why would they who pundit and press are so against one man? The answer may lay in the fact that this man cannot be bought or sold, is not defined by one group be they Republican or Democrat, and is polling gangbusters with the all important Independents – in every poll. This is the scenario – and this is the fight that conservatives and those who feel their country is of value need to understand – one man or woman, one vote (ok, not in Massachusetts where the dead vote), should decide who the nominee will be, state by state, for as long as it takes, but in this instance and to stop the next Bob Dole or John McCain, it is in the nations and the balance of the candidates best interest to see Gingrich take the lead in S.C.

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