Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 ABC-Des Moines Register GOP Debate Winner – Gingrich – Steady, Commanding Performance: From ABC News Anchor: “We now know why Newt is Leading”.

The Iowa Debate Winners: Gingrich overall: Paul on the Fed - image

Last Evenings 2012 GOP Iowa Debate was originally billed as a “slugfest” between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney (as well as the other candidates) by the majority of the media. Apparently looking for a way in which to “sell” the GOP debates, which to date, has been entirely unnecessary as all networks running the debates have experienced an influx of viewers at the time of debates (ask CBC). From this perspective Gingrich was under attack not from one candidate, but from all the candidates, looking to better themselves in the eyes of the Iowan voters who will go to the caucuses in 23 days from now.

However, the best laid plans of men and women, did not work out with Gingrich at the podium. He was at once jovial, commanding, straightforward, and answered in a calm and assuring manner, regardless of who innovated the verbal assault. From Romney noting that Gingers was a friend of his during an Bachmann assault (she coined a new phrase: Mitt/Newt), to Ron Paul noting that Gingrich was historically correct in his Palestinian Assertions, to Gingrich’s retort to Romney’s take on the Palestinian issue that “paraphrasing” he was not afraid to tell the truth”, rather than couch things in politically correct terms, Gingrich was most impressive.

Others who scored points - one - Ron Paul, once he went over his criticism of Newt Gingrich, all based on 20 plus hear old alleged “flip-flops” – he was given credit for his constancy in his critic of the federal reserve.

All in all it gave a clear picture of who one would want at that podium facing Barrack Obama if the Republican’ are serious about winning the White House.
See the full video below via: Ron Paul

From this perspective it would be (as of today) surprising to see any one other than either Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul take Iowa. Although, granted Iowa is a state unto it's own, consist ant polling, from an historical stand point gives Gingrich the best odds.

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