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Howard Dean – Dismisses Palin while Warning that She Could Defeat Obama in 2012 – Dean From the Dark Side - Truth

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Former Vermont Governor, 2008 DNC Presidential Candidate and Chair of the DNC has issued a general warning about the 2012 election: Even Sarah Palin could beat Barack Obama (The Hill).

Mild Mannered Dr. Dean -as Govenor of Vermont - understands the process of governing

The Good Doctor from the Green Mountain State, is not, as some might suggest (given comments on the article at the Hill), drinking something exotic, he just may be off the “stump” for a moment, and taking a look at the reality of life outside of the pressroom or D.C. – all is not “rosy” and has not been for some time – lest anyone forget the November 2010 trouncing that Democrats took in the Congressional elections. Despite the alleged “signs of improvement” touted every time a jobs report becomes available, the “surprise” that the reports are not quite as fabulous as anticipated”, anyone who is still listening to the evening news (and or cable for that matter), tend to “shut off” the old “book tube” more readily these days – avoidance is a bad sign – and Dean is right.

When those who usually have one reference point for their news (rank and file….), and shut that source down due to disgust, then one has to wonder who, in 2012, gets their vote? The answer is simple – the most interesting “rock star” that looks both “good” and “competent” – Generally speaking, when thinking of Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle, the basis of a measure of success might be to investigate if those individuals had “run anything” larger than say, a lemonade stand and made a success of it for more than a month.

Although most on the left, and yes a few of those on the right, demean Sarah Palin without have a clue as to her education, background d and or abilities, she is aptly qualified, she Governed the State of Alaska, and although she left office early due to constant frivolous lawsuits that threatened to cost the State a bundle (until she resigned, and then they stopped), prior to her emergence on the national scene as McCain’s running mate (i.e. a challenge to Obama) in 2008, she enjoyed a higher than average favorability rating. She hit hard at both the right and the left and she hasn’t stopped since. Good for her.

She lends more to the debate than, in the words of one caller to WRKO’s Howie Carr’s (Boston) radio talk show (paraphrased) “being a “babe”, seriously, does it never end? Regardless of whether or not Sarah Palin decides to put herself through the gristmill of the press than really never ended, to take a shot at the GOP nomination, it will be not without the usual “what she was wearing”, rather than “what she said (in reality and totality, not regurgitated Couric sound bites) will those millions of alleged viewers ever really get to know what she stands for unless they read endless back articles from the Alaskan newspapers (subscription required) in order to understand – that yes, she’s credible and would make an excellent choice?

Not for nothing: Palin, as would, in Dr. Dean’s words, anyone (which is what he meant to say) running against Obama in 2012 may be able to “best Obama”. However, the reason we are in todays (or any decades” mess: Any candidate should pass one litmus test, the test given to those attempting to gain citizenship to the U.S. – So should those attempting to vote.

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