Thursday, May 05, 2011

Minnesota Senate Passes SF509 – Voter ID Requirements – Offers Free ID’s – The Quest for the Pure Election.

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The Minnesota Senate passed SF 509 (see page 16 PDF for text), a bill requiring voters present a valid photo id prior to casting a ballot in the State of Minnesota. There was a party line vote, followed by the usual hue and cry regarding “disenfranchisement of voter”, by the mere act of asking someone to identify themselves prior to casting a ballot. The argument that many voters do not have photo identification cards has been made moot by the bill, which also requires that those without a photo id be issued one “free of charge” .

U.S. Citizens, one would think, who are of an age to vote, would have some sort of photo identification, which is required for almost everything, from high school and college ids to ids required at amusement parks, drivers licenses, and photo id’s issued for those who do not have a desire to drive or passports. Most are based on: a social security number, which, granted, can be stolen or forged, however, this may definitely be a step in the direction of fraud at the voter booth when it comes to charges of “deceased or ineligible voters (those who have moved out of state), somehow voting in certain state elections (See 116,000 plus voters on Massachusetts roles, which apparently does not concern the MA Secretary of State, Democrat William Galvin – nationwide over 16 million voters in 2010 were either deceased or had fled high tax states (editorial), with Massachusetts continuing to hold a large number on the rolls. The refusal to clear these rolls by the MA Secretary of State, is part and parcel of the “course” in the “Bluest State” (or a contender for that moniker with California, etc.), where no photo ID is required to vote, one must merely state one’s address and name, and get granted a ballot.

The fact of the matter is that when one votes, it is a right and a privilege as a citizen, and when one votes fraudulently or casts a fraudulent ballot, it makes a mockery of the system, and disenfranchises those who are actually eligible to vote. In States where political parties trump rules and the rights of the individual, regardless of party, are cast aside for the maintenance of “power”, it is a crime (literally) and, at the same time, shows no confidence in that political party by those who are in power. If one believes in their base or political ideology as perfect, then it follows that one would believe that their fellow citizens would be inclined to agree and vote a straight party ticket. That is of course, if those who have the ability to leave the dead to vote, and oppose voter id, had faith that their party would survive with an honest voting system.

Therefore, Kudos to the Minnesota House and Senate for putting together a bill that requires each vote count, while ensuring those who are said to be “disenfranchised” (or too poor to buy an identification card) receive a voter ID card, free of charge. This should be the rule in each and every one of the fifty states and those territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) which vote in general elections.

Currently out of 50 states, only 4 (previously 3) require a photo id when voting , (Pew), however, those who cannot show photo ID are allowed to cast a “provisional ballot”, which is then judged eligible or ineligible by either a board, a town clerk, or other method. It appears that Minnesota would have few “provisional ballots cast, if any, given that Free Voter Id cards would be available. This further cuts the potential for fraud.

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