Thursday, December 02, 2010

Scott Brown Blast Dems for Allowing Unemployement Benefits to Laspe for Millions Dec. 1, Rousing Speech (Video)

Senator Scott Brown, (R-MA) image NYDaily News

On the 30th of November, 6 hours before the 99 week extension for unemployment benefits were due to lapse, Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) gave a rousing speech on the inability of the Senate under the direction of current Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), to get anything done. Brown’s proposal to extend benefits to those 2 million unemployed, who had, as of yesterday, lost their benefits, was simple, do not add to the debt, use discretionary funding (funding available to those sitting Senators). Brown, who takes heat from both the right and the left, is standing firm on this issue. Massachusetts has not seen leadership and initiative by a single politician of this ilk who stands for the people of the Commonwealth and the nation, since John F. Kennedy became a State Senator. Kudos to the Junior Senator from Massachusetts. For those families who are going to go through unimaginable hardship in Massachusetts, one might suggest calling the office of John Kerry in Washington (202) 224-2742 and asking him to vote with Senator Brown and stop partisan stonewalling in order to get those families immediate aid. While leaving a message, include the tax cuts that are expiring and without which businesses are not hiring, perhaps Kerry would like to join Senator Brown on that critical issues as well. Senator Kerry, who is facing re-election in 2014, should, for once, cross party lines, and agree to extend all tax cuts to get business moving (or emulate John F. Kennedy) and cut unnecessary spending in order to fund unemployment.

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