Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Few Headlines Which Explain Why the Nation’s Mood is shifting – Right - The Evolution of Obama Republicans

The Washington Examiner: Education Secretary Urged Staff: Go to Sharpton Rally” this as opposed to the Rally by Glen Beck on Faith which drew up to 500,000 (estimates) for day of prayer.

Oval Office Extreme Makeover ABC News opines on the "opinions" of two websites, one the notable Drudge Report, which offers headlines that are used by media outlets globally. The Drudge Report had noted that while on vacation, the President had the Oval Office redone in resplendent Glory (during hard economic times). In order to counter the Drudge Report, ABC chose Media Matters, a blog that is sponsored by socialist George Sorros, as its source. Media Matters, notes ABC, jumped to the Presidents defense and erroneously compared the two websites as “equals”.

There are too many headlines to choose from, the Down sliding, homelessness up 50% in New York City, a Democrat Congresswoman who gave up to 23 scholarships to family, and so on, however, what may take the larger piece of proverbial cake:

Obama Blames Bush Again.

That and: Hillary Clinton has turned our favorite state of Arizona over to the United Nations as – guilty of war crimes. There is no need to even opine on that – the Headline and subsequent story say quite enough. From The Arizona Republic: “Clinton's report to U.N. takes cheap shot at Arizona”

As there is no Republican President drawing Democrats to switch parties, those being called Reagean Democrats, at this time, with Democrats fleeing to either Independent and/or Republican Status, only one person can be given the honor of having precipitated the mood of the rank and file and their party shift - right - Barak Obama, therefore, Those would be "Obama Republicans" former Democrats who just can't stand one more rediculous headline.

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