Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Al Franken – Election to Senate Explained – Voter Fraud in Minnesota

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It was questionable from the beginning – a tight race between Conservative Norm Coleman and former Saturday Night Live Comedian, turned Air America on-air host, Al Franken for the Minnesota Senate led to a win for Franken – the vote recount held that Franken won outright by a margin of plus 312 votes. He was summarily sworn in to the lofty position of United State Senator.

Franken, a Minnesota native, began his career as a stand-up comic straight out of High School. He went on to become a cast member of Saturday Night Live, and eventually moving to failed and bankrupt radio network, Air America. His career in comedy spanned 35 years, prior to his announcement that he intended to seek the U.S. Senate Seat representing the State of Minnesota.

Franken’s’ narrow win in 2009’s vote recount confirmed that almost anyone can get elected to the U.S. Senate, and possibility, it may have been a combination of anti-Republican sentiment and the love of an underdog that is inherent in the United States – perhaps many cast their vote as a joke, for the comedian. Regardless, it was thought that Franken won outright.

However, a recent study by a Minnesota Conservative Group Minnesota Majority, found that 342 of the votes cast, were cast by convicted felons – meaning that Coleman, not Franken should be sitting in Washington. The State’s Election division has been slow to move, convictions of voter fraud – the Star Tribune out of Minneapolis is reporting that 1,381 suspected felons allegedly voted in the 2008 election, of those, the prosecutors in each of the two counties have charged 28 with voter fraud. According to local Public Radio, Ramsey County has brought the convictions, while, the Hennepin County District Attorney has yet to file any charges. Consider that both District Attorneys’ are elected to office in Minnesota, it is by party affiliation. Additionally, the Progressive Movement had targeted Minnesota, supporting candidates with Franken like ideology in 2008, and this political cocktail produced the votes for Franken.


Although the Conservative Group understands that there is no legal way to recall Franken, they insist that they are interested in protecting future elections. What this Minnesota experience tells the average voter, is that when a vote is cast for a candidate, the local Democrats (Sic Progressives) are working hard to ensure that, by whatever means possible, an opposition vote won’t count. What this boils down to is a lack of pride, and even less confidence in Democrat candidates by the powers that be, whether they are local, state or federal (See Holder’s refusal to bring a suit against thugs engaged in Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia – he’s too busy suing Arizona) – a win by any means – does not speak well of the candidate and unfortunately paints, with a broad brush, decent candidates that work hard and deserve the hard won seat, regardless of rank or party, with suspicion that a little extra help was needed from ACORN, The Black Panthers or Convicted Felons.

The solution is said to be far from simple. However Voters should be required, by State Laws, to bring at the least, a valid picture I.D. to the polls in order to vote. If one cares to have a voice, one should be more than willing to provide the same and that could be in the form of a States driver’s license, U.S. Passport, Student Identification. Otherwise, the next elected official to your local, state or federal office just might be a real clown.

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