Monday, June 14, 2010

Amherst Massachusetts jumps on Arizona Boycott Bandwagon

The college town of Amherst, MA the boycott of Arizona follows a long tradition of lunacy photo:

The small college town of Amherst, Massachusetts, is at it again – the Board of Selectmen approved a boycott of Arizona with the following stipulations: they will not buy goods or services in Arizona, official travel to Arizona is prohibited, and the town cannot do business with transportation companies headquartered in Arizona. Amherst is politically left of center - and was one of the few hamlets in the Bay State that voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Martha Coakley in the Special Senate Election that saw Republican Scott Brown elected to the “people's seat”.

The fact that the town’s primary income is derived from colleges and students, makes this decision by the Board of Selectman, of little surprise and or consequence. This is the same Amherst where in 2004, the high school ditched a production of “West Side Story” in 1999because it was too racists and might offend (source UK Guardian), and in 2004, the same high school decided the best play for that particular age group would be the Vagina Monologue .

The town is home to the main campus of the University of Massachusetts (affectionately known as “Zoo Mass” by parents whose offspring have considered attending), Amherst College, and Hampshire College (an alternative college) in South Amherst. It is, what it is, a hotbed of commonly held liberal believes in the ugly white American, anti-corporatism and the imperialism of the United States. The select board (as noted on the official Amherst web site) includes: Stephanie O’Keeffee, Alisa Brewer, Aaron Kayden, Diana Stein, and James Wald all of whom will not be visiting Arizona anytime soon, nor will they be flying United Airlines, as it is based in Arizona.

The article by the Springfield Republican, begins with cheerleading Amherst's decision: Joining a growing list of communities across the state and country, Amherst will no longer knowingly engage in business with the state of Arizona because of its recently enacted immigration law.”

Springfield Republican Readers who differ on the Amherst Arizona Boycott

That recently enacted law, mirrors the current Federal Law on the books and goes one step further to protect the rights of those “illegal immigrants” who are murdering, robbing and otherwise preventing the citizens of Arizona to live peacefully.
The comments section of this particular article speaks to the disparity between the people of Massachusetts and the Republican and the sleepy hollow of Amherst. With the article receiving 186 comments (a high number of comments for this particular news site), this blogs favorite follows:

“Just another meaningless political gesture by guilt-ridden neurotic white people.
Hey! That's what Amherst is all about!”

That says it all.

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