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2014 Uninsureds fined under Obama Health Plan estimated at 4 Million – The Fleecing of America

Fleecing the American Middle Class through Mandated Health Care Reform: image:

The Los Angeles Times article on the penalty process for not complying with federally mandated health insurance reform, suggests that approximately 4 million individuals with incomes below $59,000 and up to $120,000 will be assessed fees by the IRS. These fees will range in price from $695 and upward and will be collected by the IRS through annual returns. The “fees” are being compared to the Massachusetts Health Care program, where the State run, Commonwealth Care, has premiums that are unaffordable to many. These individuals and families pay the fee, which goes back to the Commonwealth. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) expects to net a cool 4 billion in fines between 2017 and 2019, most of which is off the backs of low to middle income families.

A side note in the article, which bears further scrutiny reveals that 21 million will be uninsured by 2016, these include those who are exempt from purchasing health insurance due to religious beliefs, are low income and/or are American Indian.
Therefore, according to this article, the plan is a failure from the get go – if 21 million are uninsured, and will still be running to the emergency room on the hospitals dime, which is then passed onto the insurance carriers (as the hospitals costs are increased)which in turn will be passed onto the consumers, who will be unable to afford the higher premiums and increases, in all probability making insurance even more unaffordable for those making less than $59,000 and under $120,000 - and that 4 Billion in expect revenue made off the backs of those who need the insurance most – will allow the government to collect more fees.

Under the Massachusetts model, mandated health care has forced families to go uninsured, rather than face high premiums, they find paying the fees at the end of the tax year easier – but still are subject to all the pitfalls of an unexpected hospital stay and or accident or illness that will, financially, wipe them out. There is no place for those who are uninsured in Massachusetts to purchase low cost insurance, as the Commonwealth limits the number of available insurance carriers in the state and Commonwealth Care competes actively with those few available carriers. As the state legislature continues to add mandated benefits, which are to be applied across the board, the remaining insurers increase costs. The 2010 increase amount to approximately 11%.

Apparently, the Federal model follows the same principle – which, in essence, will cover some individuals, but will still leave millions uninsured, and the victims, those in the middle who will be paying yet another “fee” – sic: tax.
If the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would treat health insurance similar to auto insurance, one can guarantee more families would be covered, and fewer fines would be paid. Massachusetts recently enacted legislation that opened its borders to more insurance carriers – the result – rates decreased substantially – competition allowed savings up to 50% in some instances, and reduced the financial burden, and allowed for choice.

If the same principal were applied to Health Insurance, the result would be similar; however, it would deplete the coffers of the Commonwealths treasury due to a lack of fees – as more individuals and families would be insured.

Apparently this was not lost on the Federal government. One understands, through poll after poll, that the American People do not want this particular brand of Health Care Reform, for a variety of reasons, but the taxation (fees) applied due to the lack of affordable coverage, is a biggie. It should be repealed, and post haste – by 2012. American’s want health care reform, but reform that allows them to purchase affordable coverage, coverage that is offered by multiple carriers, with a variety of plans available to suit the individual and families – just like the plans being offered to the members of Congress and those who work for the Federal Government. Apparently, to allow the “masses” (otherwise known as constituents) the same benefits as the Congress and its unions would be impossible, as it would widen the risk pool and then reduce the costs while increasing benefits.

They already had “government health insurance” in place, but for some reason, preferred not to share it with the people, who remain restricted by individual state laws, (excuse) which is perhaps why those seventeen state attorney generals are bringing suit against the Federal government for this ridiculous encroachment and revenue scheme hailed as Reform. It is incomprehensible how the obviously simple choices which would bring about real reform, without penalties, and without further degrading Medicaid and Social Security (the back up for this behemoth – seriously), escape those who purport to be so stunningly brilliant and above the “rest of us”. Apparently, we’ve hired a bunch of dimwits, who cannot see the forest through the trees, or, alternately a group of thieves who would take the last slice of bread from the family of four living down the street (If they can afford the slice, as food costs have risen to the point where they are at the highest level in 26 years (or approximately the time Carter got the boot)

That’s the saving grace, so to speak, the ability for the American people to go to the polls and vote these idiots out of office, first in 2010 and then again in 2012. The candidate of choice, regardless of party (recall Blue Dog Democrats voted in droves with Speaker Pelosi – but some did hold fast, so research is in order) Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian, Green Party that promises to be fiscally conservative (and that can be proven by the way that candidate runs their campaign and personal finances), should be supported and sent to Washington. It matters not that they are businessmen, or farmers, or landscapers, or mothers; it would break the stranglehold that the entrenched politician has on the public. Regular people with common sense are what are needed now. The “elite” or those “progressives” who would sit and pontificate on how to improve the lives of the “masses” while lining their pockets off the back of the middle class, including the members of Congress, the Senate and the current occupant of the White House should be retired, if not impeached in some cases. So many times, the phrase, “I cannot wait until November” is heard on the street, in the market, and on the airwaves, by those who had never given a second thought to the political process. One can expect a great change coming in the next four years; one that will reverse the damage caused during this administration and lead America forward, but only if one avails themselves of the privilege of voting in each election.

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