Friday, April 24, 2009

Massachusetts – Sales Tax Increase to 7% - one of 22 Proposed Taxes Under Consideration

The Democrat controlled Massachusetts Legislature, in concert with “tax and spend” Governor Deval Patrick are considering a long list of new taxes and fees in order to satisfy the run amok State budget. On the table,a proposed increase in the State sales tax to 7%. Massachusetts’ unemployment rate (March) is currently at 7.8%, and over 12% in cities in Barney Frank’s 4th District. Simply put, the sales tax will serve to hurt those on the middle and lower rungs of the economic spectrum. When coupled with inflation, additional tax burdens adversely affect the quality of life of both the middle class and more so, those living on fixed incomes, such as senior citizens. One may argue that a 2% increase in the sales tax would only be a slight burden; however, coupled with increased inflation, and additional state and federal taxes, those living on fixed incomes begin to choose between buying a pound of hamburger, or certain necessary paper products.
It may be an unintended consequence; however, levying tax upon tax, at both the state and federal level, makes life for many unmanageable.

The State legislature has an additional 22 proposals on the table regarding taxes and fees, including sales taxes on services such as e-mail, internet sales and online banking.

Regarding the burden on additional taxes, Jennifer Nassour, Chair of the Massachusetts GOP issued the following statement:
“Families are struggling these days, and yet state government is still out of control. Last year, every Republican voted against an irresponsible Democrat budget that spent too much,” Massachusetts GOP chairwoman Jennifer Nassour said in a statement. “With Republican leadership in the Massachusetts Legislature, we will restore fiscal discipline and relieve the crushing burden of high taxes on Massachusetts families.”

Ms. Nassour has a valid point – Massachusetts has suffered hard and long – Beacon Hill is rife with corruption, and taxing the populace is the rule, not the exception. When any government body is run by a super-majority of one-party, specifically one that purports to be “for the working class”, yet, places the largest burdens upon same, opposing viewpoints are cast aside and little can be done to bring balance to the madness that is Massachusetts (or for that matter, now that Massachusetts political think has been exported nationwide – the entire United States). The only way this Republic can have an effective legislature is when there is a balance of competing ideas within the same. Unless and until that happens, term limits imposed on career legislatures would be a great start, the trend will, unfortunately continue. Alternately, when elections occur, an opportunity exists to level the playing field. It is the hope of the majority of the residents of this Commonwealth, that the corner office will see a new face come 2010 – one similar to that of Former Governor Mitt Romney – at the least, a start in the right direction.

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