Friday, March 06, 2009

Rasmussen: Obama Approval Rating: 41%

Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll for March 5, reports that 41% of those surveyed strongly approve of Obama’s job performance. In the pollsters, “By the Numbers” segment, 43% now believe he is “more ethical than other politicians”, while 69% believe the President to be “politically liberal”. As of this time, Gallop’s Daily Tracking was not released due to a storm that shut down polling offices, the last poll released showed an increase in support for the President’s Stimulus package by Democrats to a whopping 59%, but among independents (or those who decide elections), the support has gone “flat”. The last report by Gallop, was released on February 11th.
There appears to be “Trouble in River City”.

In an AP article released this morning, entitled ”How long will Americans wait for economic change?”>, the question regarding the continuous downfall of the economy is placed squarely on the shoulders of the new administration:

For Americans, the question is: How long will the economic crisis last? For President Barack Obama, it's how long will the public wait before they start demanding results?
For some people, like Ron Zick of Glenview, Ill., there's no time to waste.
"My level of patience for the entire situation we are in is zero," said Zick, a small business owner.

One would have to live in a bubble (or be so ideologically committed to a Political Party/Persona), not to understand that the honeymoon with the general public is over. What is stunning is the fact that the time involved for the general public to become un unenamored of the current administration, is less than two months into his administration.

Although the economy is, in part to blame, poor choices for nominees to critical posts, reporting from major news organizations that are less than complementary of the President, (ABC News: Obama mischaracterization of data regarding Health Care Reform), to a White House manufactured war on a Rush Limbaugh, a radio talk show host, are all contributing to the distaste of the President and, by reason, the Democrat Party. Additionally, there does not appear to be a remedy to any of the situations, rather, Obama walked into a quagmire, promising left and right to fix everything but the kitchen sink, without the ability to tackle one problem, let alone multiple problems in a short period of time. The American Public, perhaps, one of the most impatient and unforgiving of all cultures, sees his inability to resolve one issue before moving onto the next, as more than “a broken promise”. It remains to be seen what the numbers will be come April or May, however, should this trend continue unabated, Obama will face job disapproval ratings of historical proportions.


Chuck said...

I've just starteed thinking today that the Rush thing could backfire. The Dems will always love it and in fact they are ratcheting up the campaign. The rest of the public that are not crazed liberals are quickly going to see it for what it is, a petty and small attack on a radio announcer when the economy is in the toilet

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Jimmy, how well did the "vast right wing conspiracy" work?

Just a point.

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