Monday, March 16, 2009

Kennedy Preserving a Legacy through Bacon

Edward Kennedy insured Massachusetts would see 783 million in Stimulus funds (taxpayers dollars). The “Lion of the Senate” inserted a few noteworthy “Kennedy” projects in the package including: $5 Million to build the Rose Kennedy Greenway Pavilion in Boston. The Building will sit atop the infamous Big Dig. Most notable comment from a Globe Reader: “5 million? that's 20 million in Massachusetts money. (Reference to the final price tag of the Big Dig) Also included in the bill is funding for an Edward Kennedy Institute in the Senate for another $5 Million Dollars.

As if the stimulus did not offer the Kennedy family enough, the Omnibus Spending Bill, which President Obama singed sans fanfare last week, included $1,294,894.00 for the EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.

It is not so much that these projects are not worthy of consideration, however, at a time when ordinary Massachusetts working people are cutting back on everything in sight, one would think that these monies might have been better directed towards bailing out the state rather than preserving some sort of Legacy. A greater Legacy would have been to forego these types of earmarks in favor allievating a bit of the suffering of the Massachusetts Taxpayer.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

Remember, he's for the little guy. Just more wasteful spending by the Dim Congress.

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