Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time for a Massachusetts Tea Party - Jennifer Nassour Plans Rally

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, is pushing hard for an increase in the Massachusetts State Gas Tax, to the highest level in the nation. Massachusetts, already burned by deficits on all fronts, including the deficit ridden State Mandated Health Care Program (“taxes” individuals who earn too much annually to qualify for the States Commonwealth care, should they not be able to afford private insurance), a decrease in the tax base (Massachusetts is losing population to neighboring states), a loss of businesses (Massachusetts has the 4th highest tax rate – globally), can hardly afford to burden the few taxpayers left with any additional “taxes or fees”. The premise for increasing the tax is, of course, the need to repair and reform the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, and its pet project known as the “Big Dig”.

The proposed increase, of .19 a gallon, or, is seen by the Governor as a necessary evil, and those that don’t agree with his assessment, are merely being immature (the Massachusetts electorate). Apparently, the Governor did not count on the electorate to balk against yet another tax – also apparent he does not spend much time in the Western end of the State.

Patrick announced that Massachusetts will receive approximately 9 billion in in Stimulus (taxpayer funded) aid, however, that amount is not enough, according to the Governor, to stop the bleeding. Therefore, residents of the State can be assured of more tax (or fees) in the future.

Is anyone speaking out for the Taxpayer? Absolutely, Jennifer Nassour, newly elected Chair of the Massachusetts G.O.P., has been on the stump for the taxpayer from the moment she took the office. In a recent article from Wicked Local, Nassour spoke out for the people:

“When tolls go up, the blame will rest squarely on the Patrick Administration for squandering two years and waiting until the 11th hour to propose a flawed transportation plan,” Nassour said. “A gas tax increase should be off the table, and the Democrats should get serious about passing real reforms. Massachusetts families should not be asked to pay the highest gas tax in the nation in order to keep feeding the gluttonous appetite of state government.”

Understanding that the rise in the gas tax will impact the citizens, as well as industry in the state, from the auto industry, to the independent trucker, Nassour has planned a rally this Wednesday, the 25th, to protest the Governor’s proposal. The rally, to take place in front of the State House on Beacon Street in Boston at 7:30 in the morning, has generated more than a little interest on the social networking site, Face Book. The Governor can also anticipate resistance to this proposal from the Repblicans in the StateHouse. It is about time that the residents of the Bluest State, had advocates for those working families stuck between a rock, and the Governor’s office.

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Chuck said...

You almost can feel a grass roots movement growing in the GOP

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