Friday, February 13, 2009

G.O.P. – Ramps Up To Rock the World Wide Web

With the burgeoning importance of the world-wide web, including social networking sites, as tools for political parties – the Democrats are generally known to be tech savvy; using websites like Face Book and MySpace to reach younger constituents to get out the vote, or support policy. The use of the web and compatible technology (SMS) was critical to the campaign of Barack Obama, and the ability to raise funds and awareness though the web played a significant role in his election. (Including a little help from his friends at Google) - What was touted in the press, of course, was the superior use of the web by the Obama Campaign, however, tech savvy Republican’s using any means possible, including sms, and twitter, managed to hold sway in the Capital in a protest over Speaker Pelosi’s childish vacation maneuver to avoid hearings on critical energy bills – House Republicans managed to get their message out – using the web – and the Speaker ultimately returned to put the House in Session.

The G.O.P. House has now unveiled the new, an easy to navigate, fast loading, portal for G.O.P. legislators and their constituents. With the election of Michael Steele, the RNC website is growing some legs, all in time for the 2010 elections. How important is the web to Republicans? The new Massachusetts Party Chair, Jennifer Nassour, through the use of the web, is putting a face on the Massachusetts Republican Party – Ms. Nassour is using Face Book and Twitter, and plans a revamp of the State GOP site. She also uses the media to her advantage, with her name appearing in articles regarding state budget issues. Why is this important? Equal time – to get in front of the voters – the 12 million registered republicans understand that the Party has a chair, and it won’t hurt that news form the G.O.P. is now reaching the 51% of the electorate in the state that decides each election (the “unenrolleds”). With Steele promising his friends in the Northeast some much needed attention for the national party, a tech savvy State GOP chair, and a populous that has grown weary of the new administration before the first 100 days, 2010 may see a shift in house seats in the Bay State (including the Governor’s office).

The more political consumers are allowed to interact with their legislatures and state or national party's through every available means, the better that candidate or party will fare. The G.O.P. is turning the corner on technology – now the question is – will the Democrats be able to meet or exceed their constituent’s expectations, or will those moderate Democrats find it much easier to connect with a G.O.P. candidate or legislator?

You Tube Introduction to New GOP.Gov below.

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Chuck said...

Thanks for the link, I'm posting on my resources section of my site. The internet is a must for the GOP. My prediction is that we may well take it over eventually as we did radio and cable news.

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