Thursday, January 29, 2009

GOP Chair – Steele’s Support Said to Tie with Duncan’s

Depending upon which “news” source one is inclined to believe, Michael Steele has between (Politico) 30 supporters within the GOP Committee with MSNBC reporting 20 supporters. It should be noted that, the two reports are based upon the same information from Steele’s team. That said, the grassroots Republican’s and Conservatives support for Steele is significant. Supporters have utilized social networking sites such as Facebook, and the ”Draft Michael Steele” website, to urge visitors to send a personal message to their state Committee Delegates.

It will be the GOP Chair that can attract and hold the grassroots support, while getting out the GOP message that will move the party forward. Not for nothing, the balance of the candidates represent the Party “status quo”, especially current Party Chair, Duncan. This should send a clear message to those committee members who might still be on the fence that “stick to what we know” hasn’t worked out quite as well for the party. One cannot recall a time, during off-election years, when Duncan or any Republican Party Chair was visible to the party base and or the media. Therefore, regardless of Duncan’s ability to raise funds (which is proven), his inability to connect with media and the base, should be a warning to those Committee members who are still undecided. According to the Steele Website, this includes Committee members from the states of Alaska, DC, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. If accurate, these states represent the votes necessary to garner either Duncan or Steele, (assuming that they have no pledged to another candidate), enough votes to promote either man to the Chair.

There is a candidatures forum today for Committee members only, followed by the vote tomorrow, Friday, the 30th. Characterized as a “Nail Biter” by Greg Bobrinskoy, Real Clear Politics, this all-important vote for Party Leadership, will come down to the ability of the committee members to understand the need for a more aggressive grassroots organizer, with the promotion of Steele, or to play it “safe” and keep the status quo with Duncan.

Addendum: National Review online notes that Massachusetts Party Chair, Jody Dow, has comittedd to Michael Steele, while newly elected chair, Jennifer Nassour (who ran on a grassroots/media friendly chair platform - similar to Steele's), remained undecided.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

I will be watching this tomorrow to see how it goes. I think the GOP is at a cross roads and I believe selecting Duncan will keep us adrift for several more years.

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