Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Massachusetts Tax (Penalty Fee) for Uninsured to rise in 2009

Under the current Massachusetts Universal Health Care initiative, those who decline to carry health insurance are currently assessed a “fee” of $76 dollars per month, will be paying a slightly higher fee in 2009: $89 per month. This fee is based on the premise that an individual earning $31,212 or a family of 3 earning $52,812 are capable of carrying “affordable” health insurance. According to the State, an affordable premium based on a family plan in Western Massachusetts, with a mean age between 45 and 49, is $820 per month. , or $9,840 annually. Alhtough there are subsidies in place for those families earning less than $61, 956, circumstances may make it less expensive for some families to pony up the $912 Tax to the State than to carry “affordable health insurance”. Should they not be able to afford the Tax, it is a surety that Massachusetts will assess additional "fees".

Massachusetts has consistently lost population - with each new tax, fee, or regulation causing individuals and businesses to relocate. Learn more about Massachusetts Mandated Health Care and supporting legislation at
Commonwealth Care, the State-Run Health Insurance Agency.

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