Wednesday, December 10, 2008

L.A. Times – Headline: “It’s The Democrats Turn to Cope with Scandals” – They Can’t Be Serious!

The Los Angles Times, Janet Hook, has come to a startling revelation with the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich – there may be corruption in the ranks of the Democrat Party. The article opens with the notion that a “series of scandals” have come from the Blue side of the aisle since the party won a majority on the theme that it would put a halt to the “culture of corruption” that existed under GOP leadership. The problem that faces the nation, vis a vis, two strong national parties, with literally no opposition besides on another, is that both parties have been subject to “bouts” of scandal - however, it is the depth of the scandal and how the particular political party handles the offending member, that should be examined.

Had the Democrat Illinois Governor been a member of Congress, it is more likely that he would be holding onto his seat and undergoing internal “ethics” investigations, until he had served out his 10th term. Unlike the Red side of the aisle, where, once the media turns on its spotlight, no matter the “crime”, that member is pushed out of office and forced to resign – post-haste. In some instances, it appears that the Republicans react more with horror and dismay at the hint of a scandal – than the existence of an actual deed. Case in point – Trent Lott, former Speaker of the House, resigned in 2002 after remarks made at a birthday party for Strom Thurmond . Lott, who was toasting the aged Thurmond, who, like Robert Byrd, Democrat, were segregationist in the 1940’s, stated that the he have voted for Thurmond when he ran for president and the country would have been better off – a nicety, toasting the life of a man who had served his country for many years, and as Lott explained when a media storm ensued, offering apologies to anyone that would be offended. If all were fair between the media and both Political Party’s, or had Lott been Barney Frank saying the same of Robert Byrd, that would have been the end of it”. Lott remark was looked upon as a scandal so heinous that there was nothing left to do but resign. Foley and Craig ring any bells? Compared these men to that news hound, Barney Frank and one starts to wonder about these newly found Democrat scandals.

Hook, to be fair, does list a few of the more prominent scandals that have faced the Democrats in the past two years – mentioning newly retired Jefferson of LA (retired by the people), who stuffed cash in his freezer, Gov. Spitzer of NY, involvement with call-girls, and Rep. Rangel (NY), ongoing problems with the IRS. Jefferson remained in his seat, during the investigation, Spitzer, outside the hallowed halls of Pelosi and Reid's legislature, succumbed to the law, and Rangle, is still being protected by “internal investigations”.

Now, the Democrats believe that the Republican’s will make something of the latest Chicago “politics as usual” mess – and, rightly so, investigations into the entire brouhaha have been requested by the GOP. However, that does not mean that anything will take place outside of the halls of Congress – internal investigations are the likely route, and there will be zero mention of these latest Democrat criminal shenanigans two weeks or less from now in the press.

Ms. Hook should cross the country and spend some time in Chicago, Michigan and Massachusetts to understand how deep the scandals run and just how many take place in the Party that heralds the Kennedy’s, the Pelosi’s, the Kerry’s, the Reid’s, and of course, the Barney Franks. These are not, of course, all national figures, yet high ranking elected state officials, who continue to earn the title of “felon.” Barney Frank, received a reprimand from his fellow legislators, for fixing parking tickets for a prostitute, and in the past months, former Mass Senator Wilkerson, was busted for stuffing bribes in her bra, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner arrested for accepting a bribe, and of course, Former Speaker of the Mass. House, Finneran, who is now a talk show host on Boston’s WRKO.

Suffice it to say, that for the most part, Republican’s say darndest things (or act like their Blue counterparts) and get hauled off, investigated and hounded by the media into resignation, while Democrats appear to enjoy stocking up on large sums of cash, normally by stuffing it into a freezer, down a bra, or in the case of those in charge of Fannie and Freddie, Lord knows where, and they either are investigated by their own party, or if actually charged, end up with a radio gig. It is the inequity of press coverage, and the “protection of the House”, that keeps those that might otherwise do time for a crime, in high-profile, national and state positions. The Republican Leadership can call for investigations, however, it is more than likely that little will come out of this whole “boondoggle” (business as usual) in Chicago.

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Jimmy Lewis said...

As I watched CNN's coverage of this breaking story, for nearly two hours yesterday, not once did they utter the word:


You hit it right on the head. Had this been a Republican, the ticker on the bottom of the screen would have continuously run the message:


It's about time the Janet Hooks of the world wake up!!!

And just wait until Obama's past finally catches up with him.

Oh but it will!

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